Indiana Beer News – July 17

The tanks from Alcatraz haven’t seen this much room since 1995.

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Rumors heard at the Microbrewers Fest:

  • BigWoodsJohnMiddletonBig Woods Brewing is adding another restaurant and a bigger brewery cattycorner across the alley. This will let them bottle beers. John Middleton (right) is the new brewer assisting Tim O’Bryan. They have a bottling line to install there and plan to put Busted Knuckle Red Ale on store shelves.
  • Dad’s Inc. which was trading pretzel necklaces for donations, raised $1,300 at the Fest.
  • Three Floyds has made their first sour. “I <3 Deesko” is a Berliner Weiss.
  • Organizer Jason Larrison estimates there were 4600 tickets plus 700 VIP tickets and 700 workers at the Fest.
  • The B.I.G. may be looking for a full-time Executive Director but don’t apply for the job quite yet.
  • Cutters Brewing Co. in Bloomington has label approval for five 22oz bomber labels, Half Court IPA, Full Court IIPA, Lost River Summer Ale, Monon Wheat, and Empire Imperial Stout. They are self-distributing and will be in the local Big Red Liquors next week.
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OK, I promise never to post an animated Homer ever again.

CokeWallCoke can collectors seem to be even more fanatical than beer can collectors.