Indiana Beer News – March 8

We hear there are still a few spots left for the Merchant du Vin Beer Dinner next Tuesday at Oakley’s Bistro in Indianapolis. Jim Blockinger of Merchant du Vin will lead a five course dinner exploring brewing traditions from Orval, Rochefort, Ayinger, Samuel Smith, Westmalle, and Lindemans. Tickets are $75 and can be reserved by calling 317-824-1231. The much anticipated link for Dark Lord Day tickets is now available. Tickets go on sale March 17th at noon Central time and will cost $15. My esteemed colleague Wilk will appreciate that they’re issuing tickets in three different groups to get people through the lines quickly and efficiently. Good luck with that. If you’re still looking for a reason to head down to Gravity Head at the New Albanian, this Friday night will be Cavalier & Founders Night with rare beers like KBS, Blushing Monk, and Nemesis taking over the taps. While you’re in the area, head over to Hoosier Beer Helps Hoosiers at the Charlestown Pizza Company on Saturday to help raise money for Red Cross tornado victim aid. Sun King’s Bitter Druid ESB will no longer be part of the house beer lineup. But never fear, you will still be able to find Bitter Druid as a semi-annual specialty beer.image Molson Coors is launching the new Coors Light Iced T which combines Coors Light and iced tea to create (allegedly) the ultimate summer refreshment. I frequently gaze at my iced tea and imagine how much better it would be with some fermented corn “refined starches”. C’mon man…….. Ball State marketing officials are looking into branding the university’s logo on alcohol-related merchandise. So Ball State grads – how do you think Charlie Cardinal will look on a beer sign? Apparently Phil Ball isn’t much of a fan. Martha Stewart is catching up with the rest of us by declaring that a beer tasting party "is like the new thing". Perhaps insider trading “is like the old thing”. image Kenai River Brewing in Alaska is trying out Gummy Bear Beer featuring 15 pounds of the colorful little monsters. Sounds great, but you may not want to be around when Katy Perry comes looking for her rings ==> Well, that’s probably enough references to pop culture icons I care nothing about… Cheers, Nathan  

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  1. Your comments about the Martha Stewart and her beer tasting party segment seem judgmental to me. While a tasting party isn't novel to you or me, it is to my co-worker who is not part of the 5% of the population who drinks craft beer. I had her watch that segment and she asked if she could come to the next Girls Pint Out event or if I would take her to a brewery with me after work today. She's never asked to go before when I say I'm headed out with a growler in hand. What Martha Stewart did was to make craft beer accessible to the general population. That's what craft beer needs to keep growing. More consumers who want MORE than big beer.

    It's up to writers and bloggers like you and I to not be judgmental one way or the other and tear each other down – no one who doesn't drink craft beer cares. Focus on bringing in more non-beer drinkers to the craft beer community and then everyone wins.

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