Indiana Beer News – May 2

Four Horsemen gets ink and a picture in the South Bend Tribune. Here’s some new information.

Location: Corner of Fellows and Bronson – near southeast side.
Brewer: Stephen Foster.
Opening: June. They are brewing test batches now.
Production brewery, bottling, with a tap room that seats 50 (open Thurs, Fri, Sat evenings).

Steve Hershberger tells an upbeat story about Flat 12’s impact on the neighborhood in just 4 months. blog  Tastes:

  • Sun King 1887 German-Style Alt – All the Alt-ness without the sharp middle so often associated with the style when made on this side of the pond. 6%.
  • Thr3e Wise Men Golden Zoe – Centennial American Pale. Delicious. 5.1%. The board says 82 IBU but this seems high since Golden Zoe can be followed by another Golden Zoe without an attack of bitter beer face.
  • Brugge Brasserie Bokkenrijder – Dry-hopped pale ale (American ingredients) fermented with Belgian yeast. Has a big Belgian yeast bite with more bite from the upfront bitterness. This prepares you for a spicy sweet finish. Not a Drambuie finish but think in that direction. 9%.
  • Brugge Rojato Imperial Red – Made, again, with Belgian yeast. Interesting.
  • Brugge Harvey – A blackberry wheat version of Pooka (which is a boysenberry wheat with a brett basis). Intense fruit followed quickly by sour domination.
  • Shoreline Big Bella – Bigger and sharper than I remember.
  • Figure 8 Brewing Camp 4 English Nut Brown – Robust southern brown style which tends toward an American interpretation of a dark mild at 5%.
  • Figure 8 Jumbo Love – They say Barleywine. Has lots of Old Ale character reminiscent of Wadworth Old Timer.
  • Figure 8 Devil’s Drip Tripel – Ugly, soapy apricot-colored look. Nose is all Belgian with some cinnamon and banana. Spicy on the tongue. True to style.
  • Crown Brewing Industrial Porter – Rick, thick, creamy porter with roastiness and a bit of burnt toastiness. A+
  • Crown Fade to Black – Someone had to make an Imperial Black IPA. At 9% this qualifies and is worthy. Is there no end to new styles?
  • Crown Jailhouse Bock – Chewy sweet amber bock.
  • Crown Alkoholika Blonde Dopplebock – Thick alcoholic body. Earthy in a very welcome way.
  • Crown 2010 Alkoholika – Much the same. Enjoy the nuances.
  • Crown 2010 Barrel-aged Alkoholika – A great chance to see what the barrel can do to a good beer. Everything blends with plenty of wood and bourbon mixed in. I’d guess 6-month in the barrel. Served in samplers only and only by request. Get it while it lasts.

 21stSunKingSun King is now officially everywhere Oyster-front-96x110Don’t listen when someone tells you to check out Growlers in Highland. Yes, they have 20 taps but only 2 of them are remotely interesting. Marston’s Oyster Stout is coming to America. This is a good thing.