Indiana Beer News – May 20

New Albanian has more specs and info about the Struise collaboration. B’Urban Trotter DIPA and Naughty Girl. Label-BBS-5-9-11-paint-net Great Crescent Brewery has label approval for Bourbon Barrel Stout in 16oz cans. ”This beer is a slightly bigger version of our regular stout that is aged in Maker’s Mark Bourbon barrels. This stout is about 7.5% ABV and 65 IBU’s to blend perfectly with the delicious aroma and flavor imparted by the bourbon and oak from the barrels.” JeffE tells us “Barley Island will tap its very first Barleywine on Thurs, May 26th 6:00 pm at both locations (Noblesville and Broad Ripple).  Bum Rush Barleywine is American style with 100 IBUs and a strong intense malt flavor to balance the bitterness.  9.2% abv, samples, goblets and growlers.” The next batch of Bell’s Wedding Ale is destined for 750ml bottles. “Ale brewed with honey, coriander and orange peel.” Georgia gets Sunday carryout sales. Can you say “Local Option”. Now the bluenosing starts. article See The Stonemason’s Story. A must read. Beer for Space Tourists: More Taste, Fewer Wet Burps is less so. Beer Laws status:

  • HB 1325: Enrolled but completely changed to something vehicular rather than ID repeal. Introduced. Enrolled. Fascinating how this happens.
  • SB 46 / HB 1088: Rational ID checking companion bills. Got nowhere.
  • SB 78: Enrolled. ID check if looks under 40. Other stuff.
  • SB 197: Cold beer dealers permit. Sunday sales at liquor stores. Got nowhere.
  • SB 112: Stalled in the Senate, but not before the guts were stripped out. Introduced to allow distributors to deal in beer, wine, and liquor – something a nationwide chain distributor wants to move into Indiana. Died after amendments made it a permission slip so distributors can work for each other.
  • HB 1093: Wet State Fair. Died. Sob.