Indiana Beer News – November 18

The results of the Chicago Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beer competition results are in. 
  • Three Floyds – first in Fruit Beers with KinderBeer
  • Sun King – third in Darks with Pappy Van Muckle
  • Upland – first in Wild/Brett with Gilgamesh which was the runner-up Best of Show to Goose Island Wrigleyville’s Honey B.
Brockway Pub in Carmel is looking for a few good bartenders. information
Patrick’s Kitchen, Zionsville, is moving the end of Nov. to 175 South Main Street, Zionsville,and will keep the same phone number of 733-8755. Same great beers, but this time the place looks like a bar….and for the summer will have outdoor patio seating. It is currently a bed and breakfast and will remain so, just have us to make the food and sell the beer.”
Saturnalia starts at New Albanian‘s Public House on Fri, Nov 25th. Runs through December.
Roger does his “What are those fools in the capital thinking” thing about Sunday sales. diatribe
“The Indiana Alcohol Tobacco Commission is auctioning up to 127 new alcohol permits for Marion County: 94 three-way (beer, wine and liquor) permits for restaurants and 33 beer and wine permits for convenience and grocery stores. . . Based on Marion County’s population, 555 three-way restaurant permits are allowed — yet the county currently has 691 such permits. Similarly, 139 beer and wine permits for convenience and grocery stores are allowed by state law, yet Marion County already has 164 such permits.” – Charlotte Pontius, board president of Drug Free Marion County

Reply: Sorry, having a glass of wine at the Olive Garden isn’t going to adversely affect alcohol abuse. But not allowing new establishments to have permits will affect their ability to succeed, or even exist eliminating jobs that go with them. Lighten up.

From  Vine and Table, Carmel “Talisker 18 year old single malt Scotch is back. Last week, just before I left for a trip home to Cork I arranged with my distributor to send me Indiana‚Äôs entire allocation.”
Here’s a complete list of North American beer blogs. Cool
AB/Inbev got down and strong at the Dallas conference last week. It’s been described as basically “If you distribute AB products, you gotta stop distributing anything else”. Not everyone in the audience knew how to take that – since many were AB distributors with a large outside-AB portfolio. Sounds like either an industry or a 1-person shakeup coming soon. article
AB is moving Beck’s brewing for the U.S. to St. Louis. Gee that worked so well for Lowenbrau.
Food Blogging for Dummies.This is a riot.