Indiana Beer News – October 2 – and GABF Winners

Indiana did good at the GABF.. Well, specifically Sun King did real good, winning 8 medals, half of them Gold.Repeat, Sun King won more medals and more Golds than any other brewery, period.
Brugge, Rock Bottom 86th St and Three Floyds each won 1 medal.

Coffee Beer – 60 Entries – Java Mac, Sun King
Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale – 59 Entries – Buffalo Slumber, Sun King
Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout – 24 Entries – Ring of Dingle, Sun King
Scotch Ale – 39 Entries – Wee Muckle, Sun King

Scottish-Style Ale – 27 Entries – Naughty Scot, Rock Bottom Brewery, 86th St. Indy
Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer – 40 Entries – Wee Pogue, Sun King
Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer – 118 Entries – Bourbon Barrel Johan, Sun King
American-Style or International-Style Pilsener – 31 Entries – Popcorn Pilsner, Sun King
German-Style Märzen – 58 Entries – Munster Fest, Three Floyds

American-Style Brett Ale – 31 Entries – Grimalkin – Super Kitty Fantastico, Brugge Brasserie
Barley Wine-Style Ale – 42 Entries – Johan the Barleywine, Sun King


Apple Buzz comes back to Oaken Barrel on October 10th.
Sun King will be sending Grapefruit Jungle IPA out in cans to the masses next week.
NABC replaces Bud at Tucker’s American Favorites. – Photos
Three Floyds is now available in Ohio.
Ft. Wayne’s Germania Park gets ink related to Prohibition.
Beers that were available (in 1-oz samples) at the GABF.
Here’s a 44 minute video history of the GABF.