Microbrewers Festival News

The Indiana Microbrewers Festival is July 18th. Same place, same time, same cost. Some more space in the field lets the B.I.G. set a limit of 4200 tickets this year and it may sell out beforehand. Tickets will (hopefully) be on sale online and in pubs on May 18th. Jason Larrimore is coordinating volunteers for the Festival and looking for 80 people. Info about volunteering.

From last June’s Ale Street News: “The absolutely best way to attend a beer festival is to work as a volunteer. Just contact the organizers, they always welcome reliable workers. You may be assigned ice or rinse-water delivery at first or cleanup or even maybe the dreaded spit-bucket duty. At the very least you’ll be able to wander the festival for a while and you may even get a break on waiting in lines. And very best, it’s free. Usually workers get a T-shirt for their trouble (special Event Staff this year) and, at a typical 4-hour festival may only be needed for one 2-hour shift. Cleanup is actually a good gig because it all happens after closing and, if efficient, can take only one hour. Oh, and did we mention the free beer? If you’re lucky and, most importantly, have, a bartender’s license you might get posted to the job of pouring beer for patrons. This is the best of all worlds as you can educate lots of people about beer and have some samples yourself. (Indiana) requires a server’s license (Application form) and if you can legally pour beer you have a leg up on the other volunteers.

World Class Beverages is planning an IPA trailer at the B.I.G. Fest serving 22 IPA’s. Should be cool.