Indiana Microbrewers Festival – Prepare to Drink!

Update as we go – but here are some brews to get you started in your beer drinking plans! 
Good Pils
PDG Pale
Chinookalicious IPA
Belgian Blonde
Belgian Golden Strong    
Sunlight Cream Ale, 
Wee Mac Scottish Ale
Firefly Wheat.
Special Tappings:

VIP Hour – 3: Hoppy Black Lager
3:33 – Batch
333: The Velvet Fog
4:00 – Bitch’n
4:30 – Stupid
Sexy Flanders
5:00 – Cream
Dream V: I Thought We Were Buddies…
5:30 – Sour Surprise: A new release from our expanded sour
6:00 – Barrel
Aged Oktoberfest
6:30 – Walking
on the Sun 

Hopitmus – Imperial IPA
Naughty Girl – Belgian Blonde Ale
Yakima – Rye IPA
Black and Blue Grass
Oaktimus – Oak Aged Imperial IPA
Knobentinus – Weizen Doppelbock
Haggis Laddie – Celtic Red
Kasier 2nd Reising – Pre-Prohibition Pilsner
13–American Black Ale
Revolution-American IPA
Local Blonde
Main Drag–Amber
Big Pit–Porter
TataRosa–Raspberry Berliner Weis
Dragonfly IPA
Valley Weizen
Nut Hugger Brown Ale
Imperial IPA
Ard Ri
VIP Hour: Blackberry and Raspberry Lambic
4pm: Blackberry and Raspberry Lambic, Dantalian, Sour
5pm: Infinite Wisdom Tripel
Golden Wing Blonde
Cut Throat Pale Ale
Threadless IPA
Black Note
Harvest Ale
Two Hearted
Java Stout
Amber (firkin)
Snow Bunny Blonde
Replic Ale
Two Lucy’s Blackberry Wheat
Centennial Martyr Double IPA
@Brewhouse Brown Awesomesauce
Sanctaneous Hefeweizen
Our theme this fest is “The Flat12 Open” so for it we
did 4 special beers….
The Grand Slam Series:
Winbledon – Grassy English Mild
US open- the Sisters Double Cherry American Stout
French Open – Red Clay French Saison
Australian Open – Aussie Lager Dry Hopped w/ Galaxy Hops
BONUS: Firkin of Backspin Blonde – Dry hopped with Australian and NZ hops

Here is
everything else.
Bottles of Pogues Run Porter and Hello My Name is Amber
Milk Stout
1/2 Cycle IPA
Karosoul Kolsch
Tangerine Porter
Merkuh Light American Lager
Kiwi Kiwi Hefe
BBA Nunmoere Black ABA
Barrel Jack
Van Pogues Reserve
Big Black Dog 68 
Liquid Fiction Dry Hopped Blonde
El Diablo Blanco Roble
Moustache Ride Red
New Day Meadery / Flat 12 EXP-BATCH-1 (Coffee and Bourbon)
New Day Meadery / Flat 12 EXP-BATCH-1 (Cherry Wood Aged) 
Sushi Saison
Wood Walkabout (cherry and apple wood aged)
Haggard Jo (barrel aged Jo Brahma)
BBA 12 Penny Scottish Style Ale
Plana Douce Mexican style Cervesa
Bourbon Barrel Big Black Dog (Van Winkle 10yr barrels)
Winter Cycle DIPA
Chewbaca Defense California Common
Die Saur Von Satan – Flat12 / New Albanian Brew Co Collab. Dark sour mash
session wheat ale.

Black Acre Brewing Co. 
From Facebook:

 Rye Wheat,

Fountain Square Brewing Co. 

Workingman’s Pilsner,
 Hop For Teacher Pale, 
Backyard Porter, 
Summer Haze Hefe, 
Preacher’s Daughter Amber,
 Big Nuggets IPA 
the Dark Mild Replicale


Anaheim IPA
Indy Blonde
Apocalypto Barleywine
Mr. Maniacal IPA
Bayside Steam
Java Disorder

Great Crescent Brewery
 Blonde Ale,
 Belgian Wit
 Coconut Porter
and some surprises!! .

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