IndianaBeer call for bloggers + Changes to B.I.G.s web site

IndianaBeer is looking for reporters. Nana Wiley of the Columbus Bar is going to join Cindy Modesitt, Greg Kitzmiller, and myself and we are looking for people to report on what’s going on in their region, what beers they like and dislike, etc. It doesn’t pay anything but you’ll be able to help promote Indiana’s beer scene and our 35 breweries. Updates can be done online via Google’s Blogger or offline via Windows Live Writer. Camera and editing skills are nice but not required. IndianaBeer exists to help promote good beer in Indiana. Our sponsor and sorta-owner, World Class Beverages doesn’t put any editorial policies on us at all. Gush about a Cavalier beer – OK. Dis a WCB beer – OK. Just don’t say anything nice about Bud Light Lime. PLUS Rodney Weaver is taking over the Brewers of Indiana Guild web site. The Indiana Beer Calendar has moved to the IndianaBeer web site which Bob Ostrander will continue to maintain. Also the Indiana Brewing History and Beer Dictionary.