Indy Airport and Beer

So you arrive in Indy and you are staying near the airport, or you live West. Two newer brewpubs offer super choices (or SuperBowl choices)!

Black Swan, Plainfield, this week had TEN of their beers on tap. I gravitate toward the Scottish Ale or the Cream Stout, but I’ve tried all within the last week and enjoyed every sampler. From an “Amber Wheat” with great hop character and IPA loaded with American Hops, to a Tafel (‘table’ in German) beer which is sort of a light pils, the beers pair with delicious food. If you can handle a 10% barleywein the Roggenwein is a strong beer with a nice slight bite from the Rye (“Roggen” = rye)[in half pints] Guest beers are also on tap and in bottles

I’ve enjoyed the schnitzel, the ruben, the Italian beef, and the Pretzel ham sandwich

Black Swan, 2067 EAST Hadley Road, Plainfield (tip: put East in your GPS or it might give you a long tour)

3 pints has 3 of their own brews with less usual offerings. Their Izzi’s IPA is an English (not American)IPA with lighter hop notes and well balanced. Yoshi’s Nectar is a California Common (“steam beer”) with malt but a nice slight bite to it. They rotate so I had a Blonde Wheat, American Wheat. By 1/27 they will put a Scottish on tap.

Known for Pulled Pork and local food.

3 pints Brewery, 5020 Camberidge Way, Plainfield (2 blocks from Black Swan)

Great to have good beer near the airport. Some people park and fly… some people sample beer and fly….