Indy Winterfest and MORE

Five Reasons to Pay Attention to  Beer Fests 2019!

1: Save money!  The For less $ than traveling you can visit many breweries in one spot. The deal is STILL ON. Go to the Winterfest Tix page and there is an option for 3 fests! OR grab your Winterfest Tix! FOR THE TIX CLICK HERE!

The Brewers of Indiana is Giving you BIG (Brewers of Indiana Guild — get it?) savings if you buy a 3-pack of tix to Winterfest (Feb. 2), Microbrewers Fest (July 27), Broad Ripple Fest (Oct. 12)

You’d cover a swath of nearly 75 miles wide and 200 miles long inside Indiana to visit these breweries.

THE SPECIAL EVENT Friday from 6-9 includes exclusive beers and a smaller crowd

Some of the breweries participating are: 10-56 Brewing, 2Toms Brewing, 3 Floyds, Back Road Brewery, Beech Bank, Brewing Company, Bier Brewery, Black Acre Brewing Company, Broad Ripple Brewpub, Burn’Em Brewing Co., Byway Brewing Co., Carson’s Brewery, Chapman’s Brewing Company, Chilly Water Brewing, Deviate Brewing, Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co., Evansville Brewhouse, Evil Czech Brewery, Field Brewing, Flat 12 Bierwerks, Flix Brewhouse, Fountain Square Brewery, Four Day Ray Brewing, Goshen Brewing Co., Heorot Pub, HopLore Brewing, Ironwood Brewing Co, Junk Ditch Brewing Company, Lafayette Brewing, LaOtto Brewing, Mad Anthony Brewing Company, MashCraft Brewing, Metazoa Brewing Co., Mind Over Mash Brewing Company, Misbeehavin’ Meads, New Day Craft, New Oberpfalz Brewing, Norris English Pub and Brewery, Off Square Brewing, OrthoCity Brewery & Smokehouse, People’s Brewing Company, Planetary Brewing Co., Redemption Alewerks, Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, Schnitz Brewery, Shoreline Brewery, St. Benedict’s Brew Works, St. John Malt Bros., Summit City Brewerks, Tap Brewery, Taxman Brewing Company, Teays River Brewing, Terre Haute Brewing Company, Traders Brewing Company, Triton Brewing Company, Trubble Brewing, TwoDEEP Brewing, Upland Brewery’ Upland Sour Brewery, Urban Vines Winery and Brewery, Wasser Brewing Company, Wooden Bear Brewing, t 2019ZwanzigZ Brewing,

2:  Save Time!   Even if you only sample from 25 of the breweries (keeping consumption to a few pints total (at 3 oz each sample) You’d spend at least 5 and likely 7 or 8 days visiting 3 to 5 breweries a day (that’s a lot of Uber cost!).  With 3 brew fests you can try nearly 100 different beers! In fact, likely over 300 different beers will be offered over the THREE events

3. Find Rare Beers!  THIS YEAR remember there is a specialties night on Feb. 1 for Winterfest. You can get GABF winners, World Beer Cup winners, and many other generally unavailable beers!

4. Get your swag on!  Coasters, Coozies, Stickers, Buy a shirt, Get beer stuff!

5. Support local charity.   every ticket sold to each fest benefits a charity AND keeps your Brewers Guild of Indiana active. Feel good about the donation, Drink beer, Have fun, and call Uber or get a designated driver ($10 DD ticket)