IndyBeerWeek! Sept. 29-Oct. 6

logo creation: Rick Burkhardt

It’s been a long time coming…since 1990 to be exact. But Indy Beer Week is upon us and we might not have even seen it coming. Admittedly, Indianapolis may have lagged a little behind since it seems like everyone in the country has their own beer week, but that doesn’t matter anymore. This is here to stay.
When Broad Ripple Brewpub  opened their doors – and our minds – in 1990, there was no way to predict that Indianapolis would grow into what it is today. Our city’s profile was already growing then but our beer atmosphere didn’t take off until the opening of Sun King Brewery in 2009. Now, the over-50 breweries dot the Indianapolis-area like a winter map of potholes.

Then, it seemed like we were lacking something, some kind of event that could bring us together while spotlighting our area brewing industry. A beer week does that. Just because the 30 largest cities in the country – and many smaller ones – have a beer week doesn’t we should do one, but the feeling is right for us to do it now.
Most beer weeks have fees that allow breweries and businesses to participate in their week. Not here because Indy Beer Week is cost and obligation-free to be involved. Plus, any revenue received from events will go toward the Legacy House of Indianapolis. Breweries are so community-oriented, it’s why their philosophy of giving back makes them the best business partners in Indianapolis. Charity does that.

Jonathon Mullins, Head Brewer, Broad Ripple BrewPub photo:Rick Burkhardt

To our core, Indianapolis is different. We might not have sunny beaches or snow-capped mountains but we do have the kindest people in the world. Where volunteers are so massive, many had to be turned away while we hosted a Super Bowl. And then, more volunteers knitted scarves for those volunteers! Where else does that happen?

For Indy Beer Week, beer fans can expect to find new beer tappings, pint and food discounts, and special events throughout the week. All three MashCraft Brewing locations will host the official beer week kickoff at noon Saturday, Sept. 29th, with the Greenwood taproom offering giveaways (including beer week shirts) and silent auctions throughout the day. Broad Ripple Brewpub, Centerpoint, Four Day Ray, Grand Junction, Scarlet Lane, Redemption Alewerks, Metazoa, Fountain Square, Bier, Girls Pint Out (read about  the GPO event HERE), Buddha Belly Bottling and others are participating.  Here is the schedule – CLICK HERE

Picture a massive community table going through Indianapolis where we all sit down together and share a beer. Maybe this has happened to you too: You meet someone while sitting at the bar and you end up being long-time friends. Or, you become best friends for just an hour with a total stranger while chatting at the bar, never to see each other again. Beer does that.

It may have a taken a little bit of time but Indianapolis is more than deserving of this. So come on up to the Indy Beer Week table, create new relationships and build on old ones as we strengthen our community. We’ll make room for ‘ya.

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