Just Another Beer Week In Indianapolis.

I have had the pleasure of going out, not only once but TWICE this week to have some delicious Indiana beer.

 Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from where I live is, of course: 

I popped into their brewery on Tuesday for the tapping of Saint Slater’s Irish Stout. The beer very much lives to the style of a dry Irish Stout. It had great color, but the
but the finish almost was too abrupt for me to fully enjoy it.  Since I had the sample towards the end of dinner, I may have to try it again to see if it works better with food.  I did, however, enjoy the Wise Ass White IPA.  Which interestingly enough, is something I didn’t think I’d like but I think the combination of the spring weather and the citrusy, lemongrass lightness sold me.  I’m looking forward to their April 3rd tapping of  Two Sisters Carolina Saison.

The other place I was able to visit this week was Downtown: Tomlinson Tap Room. 

Invited to a private party as a “Thank You” for hard work at a festival,  the benefit was free beer and free Papa Roux, how could I say no?  16 taps of all Indiana Beer beckoned me, but I tried to stick to new styles since the majority of the tap list I’ve already tried.  Freshly tapped at 5pm, People’s Brewing – Hopkilla was the first on my list. (Yes.. I’ve seriously been pushing myself to try hoppy beers) This brew is a Imperial IPA from up in Lafayette and where it did have the “bite” of hops in the finish, I still enjoyed  the entire glass.

To continue on with my Imperial beer night and trying new brews, my next beer of the evening was from Figure 8 Brewing.
Their Wit Kicker is an Imperial Wit. I prefer more wits than hefewiezens and coming off of Hopkilla, Wit Kicker was a nice creamy wit that paired nicely with the spicy wonderfulness of Papa Roux Mushroom Etouffee, pork po-boy and garlic stew.

In case you were wondering.. no, I didn’t just have two beers on Wednesday. After Wit Kicker, I had a small glass of Bier Brewery – Sessie and a sip of Bloomington Brewing Company’s Java Porter, but a smart beer drinker is a safe beer drinker so I cut myself off from the deliciousness after that. 

The week isn’t over yet either, tonight I’ll be stopping by Bier Brewery for their new brews out this week. One called Persephone has caught my eye, which insiders, aka Tara Maggert, aka the person in charge of Arts & Craft Beer , has said is a spicy wheat that is and I quote “Delissshhh”.

I’ll also be up at Cigar Haven on Saturday sitting in the man cave smoking a cigar and seeing what craft beer they have in their selection.  It’s just another week of beer for me!

I hope everyone has a good weekend everyone!
– Kathleen