Learn a community and local beer. The Irvington BrewFest serves the East Side Sept. 23.

There’s nothing quite like sitting with good friends over a beer, or making new ones with a beer in your hand!  That’s a purpose of the Irvington BrewFest on Sept. 23.  Now in its sixth year, this festival held at Our Lady of Lourdes church (5333 E Washington St. Indianapolis) is a gathering spot for friends new and old.  Irvington is not only a historical part of Indianapolis and a neighborhood with rich culture, but an area that never lost its charm and is rising again as one of “the” places in Indy!   Amy Petrone understood that when she put together the first event back in 2012.  She certainly wanted Black Acre, as the Irvington Brewery, to anchor the event. They still do!  This year there are six breweries, all from the East side, plus Ash and Elm Cider.

If you’ve been to the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration at the Golden Ace bar (the oldest continual St. Pat’s celebration in Indianapolis) you’ll know the vibe!    If you’ve not been there, get over to this Irvington Brew Fest, and then put the Golden Ace on your calendar for March!   I’ve sat with a priest, sipped beer chatting with nuns, gotten to know good east side people, and had a great time! The objective is relaxation, charm,  and a true festival, not just standing in line for beer! This festival provides a big tent (rain or shine) with tables and chairs as a way to connect with others, enjoy the beers, and perhaps chat about what you like. Food will be available from 2 local food trucks: La Mexi-Gringa and The NY Slice. Music will be by Audio Diner!

Amy tells us that some of the same members who attend the Golden Ace bar St. Patrick’s Day celebration attend the Irvington Brew Fest.  Petrone also tells us that the brewers have encouraged her!  Brewers love the chance to tell their story.  They love chatting with people about their beer;  they can explain what they had in mind when they developed a recipe or they can just talk about their sense of community.

Sun King is a very community oriented brewery and they have joined this fest this year to both contribute to the community, to connect with the neighborhood and to contribute to the church school. The proceeds after expenses go to fund the school, and the church the supports the school. The Our Lady of Lourdes school was founded in 1911, and is grounded in the community!

Here is an example of beers available this year (subject to change by brewers):

Sun King Bitter Druid (ESB, British style) and Fistful of hops (IPA)
Saint Joseph, St. Joeberfest (of course, an Oktoberfest style Marzen) and Cornerstone Kolsch — both fitting for fest at a church!
Metazoa, Kinkajou (honey weiss) and Nap in the Hammock (cream ale)
Fountain Square Cinnamon Girl (spiced ale) and Saison Du Jour
Black Acre, Oktoberfest and Saucy Intruder (a bold Rye IPA, at 7%)
Bier Brewery Pumpkin Ale and flagship Weizengoot (hefeweizen).
Plenty of fall ales with a lot of variety thrown in.

This year Ash & Elm Local Cider from just down Washington Street joins the fest, with Ash & Elm Dry (a balance of light sweet and acidity) and Autumn Tide (made with real pumpkins and, of course, a cider)

FREE STUFF: Everyone gets some stuff — including a pint glass, so after you’ve sampled you can buy a pint and help the school and church more, along with some brewery items like stickers and more!
WHEN: Saturday, September 23, 7:00 PM  Click HERE For full information!
WHERE: Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 5333 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN, with parking South on Downey Av, or across the street at the local funeral home (OLL Parking signs) or in the neighborhood.
TICKETS are $20 at the Door!  Or click HERE for TIX info