Learn to Homebrew Day – November 2nd

AHA-2013 Back in 1999, America was a desolate and barren wasteland due to the lack of amateur brewers. So to rectify the situation, or quite possibly to justify their existence in the universe, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) launched the annual Learn to Homebrew Day. Now celebrating its 15th year, its safe to say their efforts to revive the country’s homebrew scene have been mildly successful. If you haven’t caught on to the hobby yet, would like to hang out with other brewers and learn a little more, or generally need an excuse to drink on a Saturday afternoon, there will be a number of events and local resources available to help you out. Seeing the actual process in action is a lot better than believing this from the AHA’s getting started page:

Brewing: 2 Hours
If “2 hours” is some type of code for all day; then yes, brewing takes about “2 hours”.
Fermentation: 2 Weeks
Reasonably accurate for most beers.
Bottle Your Beer: 1 Hour
No. Just No.

Here are some state events this Saturday where you can meet nice people who will help get you started:

Great Fermentations
7900 US 36
Beginning Brewing Class (signup required) and informal brewing demonstrations throughout the day
Quality Wine & Ale Supply (with homebrew club M.E.G.A.)
108 S Elkhart Ave.
Contact Name: Krissy (RSVP to krissy@homebrewit.com)
Liquor Locker (with Ohio Valley Homebrewers Association)
4001 E. Morgan Ave
Free brewing demonstrations start at 9:30am
Great Fermentations
5127 E 65th St
Beginning Brewing Class (signup required) and informal brewing demonstrations throughout the day
Tuxedo Park Brewers Supply
1139 Shelby Street
Free brewing demonstration starting at 11am
Valpo Brew’s Brew Out
307 E Lincolnway Blvd.
Contact Name: John Filewich (RSVP to info@valpobrew.com)
Ron Smith’s (with FBI homebrew club)
3793 Castle Rock Dr.