Mad Anthony Brewing Company OktoBEERfest Recap – September 12

This year’s event saw a change of location from the parking lot of Mad Anthony Brewing Company  to Headwaters Park West in Downtown Fort Wayne and it did not disappoint the 1,000 attendees.  Congratulations and THANK YOU to Blaine Stuckey and his staff at Mad Anthony for all their hard work and their time they invested in this years event as it was a SELL OUT!!  Yes, the craft beer
scene has definitely escalated in this area and I, for one, couldn’t be happier! 

The brewery tables were located in the pavilion and there was table/chair seating near the pavilion to sit and enjoy the beers and the sunny weather.  It was nice to see some of the breweries bring swag for the attendees and I hope next year even more do the same.

The Mad Anthony Serious Homebrewers (M.A.S.H.) were pouring their very tasty homebrews again this year and as always they were pouring their homebrews non-stop.  Thanks for sharing again this year!

Any of our readers who know me well when it comes to beer, know I am on the hunt not only for beers that I have not already tasted, but also for beers from breweries that are new to me.  This year’s event did not disappoint.  I sampled beers from Fountain Square, Black Swan, Bulldog, and Cutters and I was quite pleased with their beers.

Without further ado, here are some pictures from the event:

This year’s event shirt included with ticket price
Entrance to the afternoon of beer

New Albanian Brewing Company, New Albany, IN

People’s Brewing Company, Lafayette, IN
Brewery and Mad Anthony Serious Homebrewers Personnel

3 thoughts on “Mad Anthony Brewing Company OktoBEERfest Recap – September 12”

  1. So, since even Mad Anthony solicited suggestions on their Facebook page, I'd like to offer mine here:
    First off, I enjoyed myself and appreciate MABC putting on such an event. That said, the shortage of bathrooms was very frustrating. At one point I had to wait about 20 minutes in a line of 50+ guys waiting to use 3 toilets. Then, it was disappointing that the sampling cup was changed to plastic this year. It would also be nice if, like some other festivals, water (for rinsing and hydrating) and dump buckets were provided. Finally, and this is a nitpick from the perspective of a beer nerd but, MABC touted that the beers would be "poured by the brewers who craft them" but less than half of the breweries were represented by their BREWERS…many were "employees" of the brewery but few were actual the "brewers" as promised. I'll look forward to next year and more stellar reporting by Cindy.

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