Meet Stephanie! She’s hurting; you can help! at Festiv-Ale (October 1, 5-8 PM Indy) YOU CAN STILL DONATE!

I talked with a champion today.  A Queen.    Someone who has been through a lot more than I hope I ever have to go through. And yes, this is about beer, about you drinking beer, and about you helping people like Stephanie.  The Festiv-ale event, sponsored by Big Red and a host of other firms is being held at the Pan Am Pavilion (the enclosed space at the Pan Am Plaza formerly an ice rink) on Saturday, Oct. 1, from 5-8pm with VIP an hour earlier.  Okay, there are a lot of beer fests.  And a main difference is that this features sample small plates of food as well as wine and, of course, many beer samples with over 100 beers, but this is truly different because of Stephanie.

October 1, 5-8pm

October 1, 5-8pm

Stephanie has been a host of this event since it started in 2000. That’s 16 of her 47 years or nearly one-third of her very painful life.  Stephanie has Cystic Fibrosis which I did not know much about until I spoke with Stephanie.  In very simple layman’s terms that likely a physician will cringe at, CF dries up almost all of the mucous in the body creating problems in so many places from sinuses, to lungs, to bowels, to sexual organs, to the digestive system and more.

Stephanie considers herself one of the luckier Cystic Fibrosis patients.  She’s had sinus surgeries, cancer, oh and a DOUBLE lung transplant, and is now in the need of a kidney transplant.  Steph told me, “When I am feeling good I am so appreciative because I know what it’s like to feel bad.  I’m lucky to have great family, friends, and  a great, supportive husband to be around for.”

So what about a support group for Cystic Fibrosis patients?  Well, it is hard to have one because each is so susceptible to bacterial infections they usually stay six feet from each other to keep from catching germs. In fact, there is a general rule that if one CF patient is attending an indoor event, no other patient should attend.  But when Stephanie first wrote me she added, “My favorite beers are wheats and bocks.”   You go, girl!

UPDATED:  Of course, the event is over and a great time was had BUT YOU CAN STILL DONATE!    CLICK HERE TO DONATE – UNDER STEPHANIE’S NAME


There are some great brews to be had at Festiv-Ale.  How often do you get beer from Hoosier Brewing who tries to use as many Indiana malts and hops! While they will be opening their BrewHouse in Franklin, IN, soon,   they will be here!   Tried samples of new Metazoa Brewing?  You can at Festiv-ale.  You don’t travel to Carmel to get great and award winning Flix Brewhouse beers made by Chris and Josh?  Yep, samples at Festiv-ale.  Or you are a Northsider who does not get to Mashcraft Brewing often, so try them here.  The list of brewer also sponsors pouring includes Brugge, Granite City, Indiana City, Outliers Brewery, Sun King Brewery, & Upland.

The beer list includes many more with Triton, Tinman, Bells, Ballast Point, Oskar Blues,Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Shiner and many more.

But wait!  For the $55 entry (online now) remember you can eat AND drink!   A meal, a festival, and having a good feeling about helping a Champion and many like her!

Oh, you just can’t go Saturday….. well, don’t miss the chance to do good.   Go to Stephanie’s web site and support now.  Come on, give something. This woman has been through more than most of us could imagine.  As a child Stephanie had a lot of colds and bronchitis.  Eventually while CF was suspected, testing was not good back then and she was only tested as borderline. By age 19, newly discovered genetic testing finally gave the diagnosis.  Once at about age 23 she got a very bad lung infection and wondered if she’d make it to age 30!   She was strong. She had an exercise bike at her mom’s house. She could get on and peddle for one minute.  The next day she could go two minutes. Then a few more minutes.  She pushed herself and got up to light aerobics.  By continuing a daily regimen she improved her lung strength eventually got off of oxygen, and then went back to her job!  About 15 years ago Stephanie started yoga which helps her control breathing and adds to both physical and mental health.

Meet this strong fighter this Saturday.  Buy your ticket NOW.  Go HERE to buy tickets OR to donate!

ALL FOOD AND BEVERAGE IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE TICKET.   **All guests purchasing tickets online will be added to the will call list.  You will NOT receive tickets in the mail**

Festiv-Ale  is at the Pavilion at the Pan Am Center, 201 S Capitol Av, Indianapolis

Saturday, Oct. 1, 5-8 pm, with VIP entry at 4 pm.

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Joanna Whitaker