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It started with a thread on Pro Brewer – Rating the Raters: Opinions on BA & RB. Stuff like "Beer geeks are one thing, I am one. Beer wankers are another. These seemingly alcoholic losers wouldn’t know a good beer if it was delivered by the gods themselves. They have little to nothing to do with my consumer base." Then it calmed down. Now Beer Advocate and Rate Beer folks are talking about it. "We are all mega fans of Shock Top "craft" wheat. I mean just look at how well we’ve scored it. 12/100 points for witbiers. So you’re exactly right, no way we can tell good beer even if it hit us in the face." IndianaStateFairThe dry Indiana State Fair is coming up real soon now. Aug 6-22. At Vine and Table, Carmel, Denis tells us there are a couple of new Whiskey’s worth putting on your shelves.

  • e1280602234 Makers Mark just released their first new whiskey after 52 years of operation. So what distinguishes the new Makers 46 from the regular bottle? Well, after a period of ageing, the bourbon is dumped from the barrel and then oak staves are planted inside the now empty cask. Then, the casks are refilled and aged for a further 2 to 3 months, which imparts spiciness with more caramel and vanilla on the palate. $35/750ml
  • scaled_e1280602534 Four Roses 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Barrel Strength Bourbon. Only 2,300 bottles were released in the US, and they are selling fast. This is a 17 year old single barrel that is aged a lot longer than the regular single barrel. $70/750ml

TastingBeer.com‘s 2010 World Beer Awards are out. Yeah, another web site handing out awards. But this one is a bit special. Judges included Roger Protz, Jeff Evans, Stan Hieronymus, Jay Brooks, Eric Warner, and Ben Vinken – all notable writers. And the winners are:

There are about 150 different "World’s Best" by category listed on their web site at www.tastingbeers.com/awards/wba/2010. Worth a browse, even if there seems to be a monotonous repetition of the same breweries. Some we get in Indiana include Rodenbach Grand Cru, Harvey’s Old Ale, Harviestoun Ola Dubh Special Reserve 40 Years Old, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Fuller’s London Pride, Unibroue La Fin Du Monde, Fuller’s ESB, Rogue Mocha Porter, Unibroue Quelque Chose, Kiuchi Hitachino Nest White Ale, Kingfisher Premium Lager, Fuller’s 1845, Konig Ludwig Hell, Brasserie St. Feuillien Blonde, Harviestoun Old Engine Oil, Konig Ludwig Weissbier Dunkel, Samuel Adams Black Lager, Full Sail Session Premium Lager, Samuel Adams Longshot Traditional Bock, Rogue Chocolate Stout, Unibroue Blanche De Chambly, Unibroue Don De Dieu.

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  1. Good to see the Vine and Table getting recognition. Its the best spirits seller in the state, but few know about it!

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