Misc News – Dec 8

This week’s doings:

Sunday Sales editorials:

IndBreweriesJohn Holl’s travel guide to Indiana breweries isn’t printed yet but he’s already promoting it an Beer Sessions Radio in a 19-minute interview (scroll down a bit), listen to the music the first 5 minutes. Hits for FFF, NABC, New Boswell. Then absinthe talk (which isn’t a bad thing). Bonus segment with Schmaltz’s Jeremy Cowan at the same link. From New Albany: “This Saturday (December 11), Chef Josh Lehman is soliciting your opinion with free samples of frites and sauces. From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., the Bank Street Brewhouse kitchen crew will offer guests free samples of frites in the form of an assortment: Different cuts of potatoes, different types of potatoes (russets, sweet, Yukon gold) and different sauces for accompaniment, including the seven sauces currently on the menu, along with ten new ones (green curry, rosemary aioli, blue cheese, dill lime aioli, horseradish, hot chili, mango ketchup, peanut sauce and more). Patrons are asked to vote for their favorite cuts, types and sauces. But there’s even more. There will be frites fried in duck fat (which makes everything taste better), and also a special beer for the event.” Colorado is trying to stop pubs from selling beer under 4% ABV. Why? because it’s already against the law. article  Ol’Glory beer can’t put the pledge of allegiance on their bottles. article kleinx1beer The problem of beer":  That it is within a ‘bottle’, i.e. a boundaryless compact 2-manifold homeomorphic to the sphere.  Since beer bottles are not (usually) pathological or "wild" spheres, but smooth manifolds, they separate 3-space into two non-communicating regions: inside, containing beer, and outside, containing you.  This state must not remain. Get your Klein bottle opener here. Best British headline of the day: JD Wetherspoon flushed with success at Loo Awards