Misc News – Feb 11

Greg Emig spent yesterday introducing his bottled Lafayette Brewing beers to Indy. A few folk at Kahns and a bigger mob at Barley Island Broad Ripple. The Hoosier Beer Geeks were there with a camera and a notepad. You can find the Oatmeal Stout and Tippecanoe Common in 6-packs now in Indy. Saturday is Lafayette Brewing’s Winter Warmer. Sold out of course. They will also be unleashing this year’s Marley’s VSOP downstairs that day. If you have ticket, though, you can go upstairs for some tastes of past year’s Boris. Ram‘s Irish Red is Adrian’s recipe and he’s hit a good one. Nice rocky ivory head. Bright dark red. Initial malt meets a bitter attack then smoothes to a dying balanced taste leaving a clean mouth asking for another sip. RBN-Bottles Liz at Rock Bottom, 86th St, Indy, has some new hoppy beers on tap.

  • Dominator IPA is cloudy dark yellow with no red tint at all.  It’s Summit and Cascade (?) with malt to balance. 7.9% and about 70 IBU.
  • Sub Zero is described as "Malt and Hoppy" on the board and that’s an adequate statement of style. With Simcoe, Centennial, and Cascade hops it goes perfectly with potstickers. 7%. Your author thinks it could be possibly described as a Dunkel Saison.
  • Liz also bottled up a couple of cases of Old Curmudgeon Imperial IPA and Trippel Trouble last December and they are now available at the bar (only). 22oz. $9.

John Holl tells us there’s a keg of Warbird T-6 Red Ale on tap at the Melody Inn (Illinois & 38th in Indy). We’ve confirmed it’s still in good shape. $4.75. Anyone for a wake? Yes, the place does smell like urinal cakes, there’s cover charge, and the lead singer chick only has 2 notes in her tone-deaf repertoire but it is, after all, a wake. Bell’s Batch 9000 will hit the stores next week. Find out where at the Beer Spy. For those of you interested in the Beer Judge Certification Program and taking the exam to become a ranked beer judge, Ron Smith will be leading a study group starting in a couple weeks and the exam will be on Saturday, March 27th. The people that usually participate in this have been brewing for a while and want to take their brewing and evaluation skills to the next level. There are 4 long (6 hour) Saturday sessions on Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 13 and Mar 20, plus an optional practice judging session on Thursday night, Mar 25. New Albany votes itself wet. Finally you can buy a beer in New Albany. NY TimesRoger Baylor’s take. Come on, you know there’s a trick to this. Go ahead and click anyway. Sierra Nevada’s 30th Anniversary Series release schedule:

Mid-March – Fritz and Ken’s Ale – Imperial Stout
Mid-May – Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Ale – Imperial Helles Ale
Mid-July – Jack and Ken’s Ale – American Barleywine
Mid-October – Our Brewer’s Reserve – Oak Aged Ale (a blend of Oak-Aged Bigfoot, Celebration Ale and fresh Pale Ale)