Misc News – Feb 13

Senate Bill 75 has has been merged with two others as it goes to the House. One will end the silly prohibition while polls are open. The other will extend Sunday sales from 1:30am (Monday morning) to 3am – but will also require an ID check for everyone when buying alcohol for carry-out. These three new provisions were all sort of approved by the 2-year study group and the combined bill is headed for Trent Van Haaften’s Public Policy Committee.

My take: If more stuff doesn’t get amended to it, Van Haaften may even OK this since it’s balanced – there’s something for both sides. Taverns get an extra hour and a half to be open at a time when there’s no business anyway. Booze Nazi’s get to ensure everyone is carded – even regular customers and retired folks who are certainly over 50 years old*. And they can placate the pesky brewers. Let’s stay optimistic. Jason’s take: on Hoosier Beer Geek. * The law will provide that it’s a defense to not have carded a person who obviously looks 50 years old. This only applies, of course, after a citation has been issued for not having carded the customer in the first place. And that defense may require a photograph or video of the transaction. Remember those ID cameras that took a picture of your drivers license and your face at the same time? They might come back.

upland-dantalion-dark-wild-ale-2 Coming up from Upland:

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