Misc News – June 10

Correction: Yesterday’s new referred to Southern Wine and Spirits as possibly carrying beer. Our bad. Todd Antz points out that in Indiana beer and liquor distributors are mutually exclusive. Logo-Keg Todd also says "The 5th Annual Keg Liquors Fest of Ale was a great success this year.  Our attendance was up to 750 people, and we were able to raise $5600 for the WHAS Crusade for Children, which is an improvement of $2100 over last year’s donation." Logo-Wilbur Wes Barnes, the sales guy at Wilbur Brewhause reports some great growth. Dan Hause has moved from a 5gal system to a 55gal system, boiling over a wood fire, and can make up to 200 cases per month. Country Mellow, their 8% Certified Organic bottle-conditioned 81-IBU Pale Ale can now be found at the 4 Sahara Mart and Bloomingfoods locations in Bloomington. It’s on tap at Max’s Place (tapping next Tuesday) and Yogi’s (tapping next Wednesday). In Martinsville, stop at the Olde Northside B&G and Brownstone Bottle Shop. Also Red Barrel in Monrovia. Huzzah. John Holl who is writing the beer-travel-oriented book "Indiana Breweries" for Stackpole Books tells us Doug at Upland mentioned that their tasting room would be getting brewing equipment in about 60 days. I haven’t seen that news on your site yet, but thought it would be of interest to your readers." Speaking of upcoming books. Besides Rita Kohn’s True Brew there is Indiana: One Pint at a Time should be out sometime soon. It’s Douglas Wissing’s "journey through the history of beer from prehistoric times through industrial brewing. the book also details the history of brewing in the Hoosier State, including the Indiana-German brewers who dominated the industry until Prohibition, the 20th-century decline of the industrial breweries and the rise of craft breweries in the 1990’s." $24.95 pre-purchase Dark Horse has bought the neighboring building and is planning a $700,000 expansion in Marshall, MI. This will add 18,000 sq. ft. and increase capacity to 25,000 bbls from their current 6,000. article in Kalamabrew Brazil has a hot, hot, hot economy. I fact they’ve run out of beer cans. article that really doesn’t have toom much to do with beer Belgians have an observatory in Chile. Of course it’s called TRAPPIST (TRAnsiting Planets and PlanetesImals Small Telescope) or we wouldn’t even mention it. That’s a new meaning of Beer Goggles. Next up: the Chimay Galaxy.