Misc News – June 2

Lafayette Brewing‘s June beers: "First up, we’ll be releasing the I Am An American IPA later this week.  This beer has been described as the "bastard stepchild of Tippecanoe Common Ale and our Eighty-Five".  This assertive ale features pale and crystal malts along with generous additions of Chinook hops.  Deep golden in color, this medium-bodied beer is bursting with resinous pine and citrus notes.  ABV 5.9%, IBU 75.  The second specialty offering is a commemorative beer brewed in honor of the brewmaster’s late golden retriever.  Golden Lady IPA, also brewed loosely to the American IPA standard, features plenty of Harrington pale and imported crystal malts along with an assertive hopping schedule that includes Amarillo and Chinook hops.  ABV- 6.1% IBU- 80  Look for Golden Lady IPA to hit the taps in mid-June." Yesterday, Bell’s announced a recall of two batches of Two Hearted Ale brewed in early April. Some Lactobacillus got in them and they are turning sour. This involves bottles with 9663 or 9674, the batch number, on the back of the labels. No doubt World Class Beverages will get these out of circulation if they still are in stores. Move along now, nothing to see here – except an upright company doing the right thing and being big enough and tech-savvy enough to actually have the batch number on the bottles. press release They also have started a conversation on Beer Advocate that discusses how it happened. The Richmond Palladium-Item is the first newspaper to say it: New law requiring ID for alcohol very silly Even though Rita Kohn’s True Brew can’t yet be ordered on Amazon, they do have some pages available to view including the Table of Contents and Index. Go to this link and click "Search inside this book".