Misc News – June 28

The grocery and convenience store lobby will try again. Now it’s the"Alliance of Responsible Alcohol Retailers". They’re actually going to claim the Sunday growler sales at 24 breweries should be used as an example to sell at the 13,000 retailers who are getting short shrift. We’re going to have to hear about this for the next 9 months. first salvo Scott Bort’s Northwest Update A Big Woods growler makes like a red balloon in Paris. slideshow The Evansville Courier and Press agrees the card-everyone bs is bs. abitajpg-00b31e37c003eeb8_largeAbita’s new Save Our Shores Charitable Pilsner will raise money for the oil spill cleanup. But it’s 7% ABV so it can’t be sold in Mississippi and in 22oz bottles so it can’t be sold in Alabama. $5/bottle. 75¢ goes to Abita’s charity choice. How not to drink beer in 23 easy lessons Kirkland Consumers Reports says "Bargain beer from Costco" Kirland house brand at $19/24 is "Great price, decent beer. "On average, our untrained panelists liked the Cosco beers about as much as the same-style name brand beers). . . . Our consultants said that although the brand-name beers were more flavorful, clean-tasting, and complex, the Costco beers were quite quaffable and, to use the consultants’ technical term, ‘party worthy’." Kirkland Amber vs Sam Adams Boston Ale
Kirkland German Lager vs Sam Adams Boston Lager
Kirkland Hefeweizen vs Paulaner Hefe-Weizen
Kirlklnad Pale Ale vs Sierra Nevada Pale Ale You gotta love the aluminum foil wrapping to "ensure that beer tasters won’t know what brand they’re sipping". Please don’t tell us your panelists drank from the bottle.