Misc News – June 4

Saturday’s Fest of Ale gets ink in the News and Tribune. 1994261275582414barefoot_wit_email_ram_PG Ram‘s new Barefoot Wit is made with the expected orange peel and coriander but has an additional seasoning – chamomile flowers. Yumm. Bloomington Brewing is expanding a bit out of Bloomington for the first time in memory. Scotty’s Brewhouse 96th St. Indy has have Quarrymen Pale Ale and Ruby Bloom Amber on tap. The Downtown and Geist locations will tap identical kegs real soon now. If you haven’t had Floyd’s regular offerings in B’Town, try them up north.

Bloomington Brewing’s new production facility will enlarge their capacity from 900 bbls to about 9,000. It’s due to start producing in August so we’ll be seeing much more of them on tap, at least in the southern regions of Indiana, as they plan to self-distribute "within about 60 miles". They have no plans to bottle though.

Sun King‘s latest is Batch 111 Golden Slumber Belgian Strong Ale. The Post-Tribune agrees: New Alcohol ID Law Borders on Absurdity – "the Legislature next year should right the wrong it has created."
0906-Bells1The Beer Sellar’s 30 Bell’s on tap a year ago is going to be eclipsed by the City Tap House in Philly next Monday. 31 Bell’s on tap. Hey JimS, we need to bring the record back. Work on that will you? Thanks.