Misc News – Mar 12

Scott Bort was on hand when Figure Eight Brewing Opens. Great pictures also. Ro-Shampo is his favorite. GH2010_w300 Coming in April. Hop-O at New Albanian. Don’t know if this will be <airquotes> 1% ABV </airquotes> like the Prohibition brew from Southern Indiana Ice & Beverage that shut them down in 1923 when it tested over 3%. Of course that was complicated by an attempt to bribe a Treasury Agent. Also single-hop pale ales with Centennial and Amarillo. Plus more Hoosier Daddy.

March 22nd New Albanian will do C2 – a second collaboration with Schlafly and O’Fallon. This one in New Albany. Probably a Belgian. Roger is teaching a non-credit "Here’s to Beer" course with IUSE. Next round is 4 Wednesdays in April. Meanwhile, Gravity Head continues.

Craft beer up 7.2% in 2009. Indiana craft at Cavalier Distributing up 10%. Overall beer market down 2.2%. We must be doing something right.

Total number of breweries only increased by 57 nationwide. Craft is 4.3% of the total bbls and 6.9% of the total dollars. Vermont has a brewery for every 32,698 people. Founders grew 72%. Oskar Blues grew 71%. O’Fallon 36%. Great Divide 34%. Dogfish Head 30%. Boston Beer Co. 2%. Hmmmm. We must be doing something right. Brewers Association But are there Too many beers? Too many breweries? Too many distributors? Does the 3-tier system help or hurt? discussion

Iowa has a 5% ABV limit on beer from Iowa breweries. Yike. May be changed. article Beer tasting. 250 people. 750 beers. 9 hours. Anaheim. article Böner beer. It’s always bigger in Texas. Bad pun turns into contract brew. article