Misc News – Mar 23

Logo-BroadRipple Broad Ripple Brewpub was the first brewpub in Indiana, opening the brewery in 1990. So this is their 20th anniversary. John, Kurt, and Kevin plan a series of events leading up to a celebration on Nov 14th. Mondays in March are $3 pints. During the next 7 months Kevin will brew some recipes from the past years. Go to their website and vote for your favorite – the top 6 will see life again. Right now Limping Mallard is winning with Diving Duck American Brown and Amarillo Lager right behind. ongoing results Barley Island presents the return of Count Hopula Imperial IPA, this Thursday March 25th for a 6:30 pm tapping at our Broad Ripple and Noblesville locations.  Last brewed in 2008, this version is an all new recipe with 5 different hops and an amazing malt backbone.  9.75% ABV and 90 IBU’s.  Only available in draft at Barley Island but watch for a full fledged launch with bottles and kegs this coming October.
Cheers, Jeff Eaton Also this week, the usual liquor store tastings, three special tappings, and a beer breakfast:

  • Wed – Mar 24 – Beer Tasting. Westside Liquor, Evansville. 4:30-6:30pm
  • Wed – Mar 24 – Beginning Brewing Class. Great Fermentations, Indy. 6pm
  • Thurs – Mar 25 – Boulevard Beer tasting at Keg Liquors, Clarksville.
  • Thurs – Mar 25 – Beer Tasting. Big Red Liquors, Bloomington. 6-8pm
  • Thurs – Mar 25 – Beer Sampling. Chalet Party Shoppe, CR 17, Elkhart. 4-6pm
  • Thurs – Mar 25 – Count Hopula Imperial IPA tapping. Barley Island Noblesville and Broad Ripple. 6:30pm
  • Fri – Mar 26 – Beer Tasting. Liquor Locker, Evansville. 4-7pm
  • Fri – Mar 26 – Beer Tasting. Parti Pak, Greenwood. 5-7pm
  • Fri – Mar 26 – Beer Sampling. Norma’s Fine Wines. Indy. 6-8pm
  • Fri – Mar 26 – Beer Tasting. Cap n’ Cork Covington Plaza. Ft. Wayne. 5-7p.m.
  • Fri – Mar 26 – Release of Infinite Wisdom Tripel. With Norton Wisdom. Upland, 7pm. $10/$12
  • Sat – Mar 27 – Barrel Aged Tapping of 6 or so beers. Ram Downtown Indy. Noon – 4:30.
  • Sat – Mar 27 – Hoosier Beer Geek’s Second Annual Craft Beer Meal That Comes Before Lunch. Brugge. 10am. $30

GuinessBlackLager Following the failure of Guinness Light, Guinness Black Lager is on trial in Northern Ireland. With Budvar Dark growing in the isles, Diego claims "Guinness Black Lager, like all lagers, is characterised by its refreshing taste. The addition of Guinness expertise, roasted barley and a late hopping imparts a taste that is unique among lagers.” Roger Protz sais Pilsner Urquell is different from that in the pre-SABMiller days but it’s still good. article