Misc News – Mar 7

Logo-OakenBarrel-Script Oaken Barrel’s Java Stout is getting richer by the day. There are really two versions. At the main bar it is dry-beaned with a sack of Strange Brew’s Caramel roast. In the Stainless Steel room it’s a Blueberry roast. Coming up is a barleywine produced with local homebrewers and bucket-clubbers Keith Bauty and John Showalter.
Logo-ColumbusBarPower House‘s 2 Dave’s IPA is a creamy American Bitter that is nicely not overdone. The Columbus Bar is up for 6 nominations for Best of Columbus at the area’s Liberty alternative newspaper. Best Burger, Best Tenderloin, Best Fish Sandwich, Best Signature Dish (donut burger), Best Bartender (Nana Willey, Michael Hayes, Drrick Jarral), Best Place for Live Music, Best Bar, and of course Best Beer Selection.  Vote here.
Logo-Figure8Figure 8 Brewing‘s grand opening was standing-room-only. New microbrewery helps quench craft-beer thirst : Post-Tribune.   More short notes so you can look elsewhere Hoosier Beer Geek: Beer Diary: Crown Brewing Gina’s weekly Hoosier Beer Geek: Random Beer Roundup Review of Rock Bottom Downtown’s Brewer’s Dinner Upland Infinite Wisdom Tripel returns March 26th Dogfish Head Craft Brewery hires its Brewmaster Schlafly Brewery: Suds up