Misc News – May 27

The public voting for the 6 beers to come back during Broad Ripple Brewpub‘s 20th Anniversary demanded Limping Mallard, Amarillo Lager, 10th Anniversary, Violet’s Strawberry Blonde, Dual Citizenship Ale, and the one that’s on now – Diving Duck American Brown. 220px-Boysenberry Brugge Brasserie‘s Pooka is billed as a Boysenberry Wheat and some fruit and some wheat (wit?) character is there. It all is really put under the table by the lactic, lactic, lactic. In fact it is getting tarter and sourer every day. Seems some kind of Gaelic Faery sneaks in every night with more cheek-pucker. Bad Kitty has been put to shame. The Indy International Wine Competition has been moved from the Indiana State Fair to Purdue’s Department of Food Science with new organizers and such. The new web site is ww.indyinternational.org although there is nothing there yet except "currently developing", "check back soon" and "Entry forms will be sent in June". So evidently the traditional mid-June date for the judging will be set back a bit.
66-PaulanerHe’Brew’s Chosen Beer, Rejewvenator ’10 is the Year of the Grape. "Half Doppelbock, half Belgian style Dubbel. Ale Brewed with All Natural Concord Grape Juice. They are also putting out 500 total cases of RIPA on Rye. Bombers of Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet’s latest, Smoke on the Water, a Smoked Porter, will hit the streets in June. 8%.
Daaah Da-Da DAAH DAH. Paulaner Weisn Okotberfest will be coming to the U.S. for the first time this July through October. They claim it is the actual "authentic beer of the 200th Munich Oktoberfest". 5.8%. If it really is the same served in the park it will be quite hoppy in comparison to other O’fests from Augustiner, Hacker, Hofbrau, Lowenbrau, Pschorr, or Spaten. Kicker: It will be in cans.
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