Misc News – Nov 14

Rock Bottom, Downtown Indy

  • Naughty Scot – Creamy yet with a lightness. Seems like a cross between a Scottish and a Porter rather than a gigantic Scotch Ale. Malt trumps hops. Warms to give a stronger, almost Barley Wine, quality. 8.9%. A+
  • Buffalo Gold. 5.8% "fairly aggressively hopped blonde ale". Gold is a good name, colorwise. Not that aggressively hopped. Pleasant, rich, good bitter finish. Let’s call it suggestively hopped.

The Ram‘s new assistant is Chris Knott – stop in and say "hi".

  • Sno Angel Weizenbock – Murky brown. Served 10 days after mashing. 6.4%. This was made to a Ram directive to be not over 6.4% and 18 – 23 SRM. Tasty and mild but the appearance is off-putting.

We’re told Sun King‘s barrel-aged Oktoberfest was a hit at the Chicago Wood and Barrel-Aged Festival and was pronounced better than Adam Smasher. LafayetteAlphaAcidTest Gotta get a hop tongue tattoo.