Misc News – Nov 16

"Centerbridge Capital Partners Forms CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc. via the Concurrent Acquisitions of Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc. and Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group, Inc." press releasenew web site From Bloomington Brewing: "Java Porter returns, and will be followed by a very special BBC ale: Batch#1,000. We brewed Batch 1,000 on Friday in the brewery space adjacent to Lennie’s… a very special and commemorative beer for us, as Batch #1001 has already been brewed in our new expanded Brewery Production Facility–or Brew :2 as we’ve been calling it for the past ten months. Batch #1000 will be a Belgian Dark Strong Ale. We’re currently in fermentation state, eagerly checking gravity on a daily basis. Once we know more about this very special release party, you’ll know more!"

November 11, 2010 News Release – Tomlinson Tap Room Indianapolis City Market and the Brewers of Indiana Guild are set to open Tomlinson Tap Room, an all-Indiana craft beer bar, on November 24, 2010 at Noon in the historic facility’s main Market House mezzanine. The craft beer bar is the first of its kind in representing all 32 Indiana craft beer microbreweries at one location. In its effort to rekindle Indy residents’ love affair with artisan, craft and local foods, Tomlinson Tap Room fosters that commitment on the beverage side of the aisle. The bar boasts several taps that will rotate Indiana’s finest brews, and will pay particular attention to not-so-readily available beers from brewers like Mad Anthony Brewing Co. in Fort Wayne, People’s Brewing Co. in Lafayette, Big Woods Brewing Co. in Nashville and Crown Brewing in Crown Point. The name itself pays homage to the Tomlinson family who, in the latter half of the 19th Century bequeathed land to the city of Indianapolis to erect several public market buildings, and Tomlinson Hall was one of those edifices. Tomlinson Hall contained an auditorium, gymnasium, meeting rooms, as well as retail and vegetable stands on the ground floor. Tomlinson Hall was severely damaged by fire in 1958, and was subsequently demolished. The “local” feel of the bar extends beyond the beer itself. The three 8-ft. long, waist-high community tables are locally artisan-crafted using 1800s reclaimed wood from southern Indiana. The back bar is a rescued and restored architectural gem from a 1930s Indiana pharmacy. Tomlinson Tap Room’s front bar is hand-crafted by local master wood crafters, blending the historical aspect with modern day craftsmanship. Tomlinson Tap Room is scheduled to be open Wednesdays through Fridays from Noon until 8-ish and Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. The bar is available to corporations and businesses on Mondays and Tuesdays for corporate outings, team building, business meetings and other important business.

Senator Chuck Schumer says he won and the FDA will rule caffeine is an unsafe food additive to alcoholic beverages. This might not end well. press release A Harvard study of 70,000 women from 1984 to 2006 showed alarming reduction in health risks if they have one drink a day. Stroke: 20% reduction. Living to age 70: 28% increase. article Skoal.

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  1. A bar that closes at 8pm W-F and 5pm on Saturdays? It seems this venture is determined to fail with hours like those. This recent, last push to save City Market appears on track to be its last gasp.

    I would attribute the hours of the whole place (more limited than Tomlinson TR) to be the biggest obstacle to its success. They must be open when working people can get there, and as of now only the unemployed (who don't have $ to spend), the stay-at-homes (don't go downtown to shop), and those with nontraditional schedules (not enough to support the whole place!) can get there.

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