Misc News – Oct 20

Indiana legislative committee rejects Sunday alcohol sales and cold beer at groceries.

It’s over, at least as far as the big two-year committee. An apparent win for liquor stores. They did propose some changes though: Election Day sales, photo id necessity on all purchases regardless of buyer’s apparent age. Direct wine shipments, wine sampling in wine shops, multi-warehouse distributors, and a limit for carryout sales were also discussed to day but not commented on. The committee report has not been formally released and there is more work to do. We’d, of course, like to see Sunday growler carryouts at breweries and brewpubs. Write your congresscritter.

Randall_cu Randall (right) will be at the New Albanian Public House Friday and Bank Street Brewhouse on Saturday. It’ll be Cascading up 5 gallons of VII Anniversary Ale – a dark IPA. more The Hoosier Beer Geeks visit Dark Horse Brewing. "A stop in to their brewpub was all the insight we needed to figure out their marketing philosophy." Nate tells us How to make Belgian Candy Sugar. Brew Dog in Aberdeen has been sending some spectacular big beers to the US. Look for more now that the investors behind Skyy Vodka have bought in (and so can you). article Frosted Frog Christmas Ale. 8.6%. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg. Early November launch.