Misc News – Sept 30

IMG_0684 Bloomington Brewing 14 taps and 2 handpulls are filled with goodies.

  • The English Mild is lightish tan/brown with plenty of cars-something character and only 5 IBUs to balance. 4.7% ABV. It’s on CO2 and the handpull. Yummy.
  • The Homegrown Pale using fresh hops from Floyd’s patch has a fresh pungency in a light brown/copper ale with 27 IBU. Right nice.
  • Quarryman Pale is the threesome right now CO2, Nitro, and Handpull to get a good feel of the dispensing difference.

New Albanian beers to come:

  • Saison d’Houbleon will be out any day now. Unfiltered 7% farmhouse with 40 IBU. The nose belies the underlying bitterness. Professional stuff.
  • A 2nd batch of Yakima Rye IPA will dry hop for 14 days and another 6 days on a new batch of hops before being tapped.
  • Four oak barrels of C2 Grand Cru – the second collaboration with Schafly and O’Fallon are aging in New Albany. 2 bourbon barrels, 2 port barrels. One of each will get smoked figs added. Eventually all four barrels will be served individually and blended to a fifth offering. Look for it at Winterfest in January.

Lafayette Brewing‘s Phoenix Strong Ale is on tap. 42 IBU. 7.6% ABV. "Brewed with pale, crystal and chocolate malts and hopped exclusively with English-grown Phoenix hops. Mahogany in color, this full bodied brew is malty yet retains an expressive hop character. Complex flavor profile highlights hints of toffee and tobacco. Stop by and have a pint or two of the Phoenix Strong Ale, this ale was last seen at the brewpub back in ’07." Eric Strader looks at The Livery in Benton Harbor, MI. and at Oktoberfest Beers. This weekend’s Anstich kegs at the New Albanian‘s Public House, to be tapped at 5pm and empty before 6pm – Thurs: Huppendorfer Vollbier. Fri: Günther-Bräu Lagerbier. Sat: Weissenohe Monk’s Fest. IMG_4346 38 year old Big Red Liquors gets ink in the Indiana Daily Student (as if any IU students don’t know about Big Red). Tickets are selling well for this weekend’s Valparaiso Brewfest. article

Brewfest Valpo. Valparaiso. 1-5pm. $35/$40 VIP-$55.

Also this Saturday:

Louisville Craft Beer Week Volkfest. BBC Taproom, Main Street. 3pm – Midnight Upland Oktoberfest, Bloomington. 11am – 1am. Microbrew Festival for Giving Sum, Rathskeller, Indy. 2-5pm. $25/$30. Weko Beach Brewers Festival, Bridgman, MI. 3-9pm. $20/$25.

Flyer2Flyer1Upland has a flyer out in the interstate rest stops. I don’t think they’ll mind if we reproduce it here. Click to biggify. Indiana Senator James Merritt (R-Indy) is starting to talk about canning the card-for-carryout law. "deluged with complaints". article 1  article 2 The groceries and convenience stores have been sending out press releases again about how the liquor stores’ monopoly on cold sales is discrimination. The "Change it Indiana" petition is back up "51,000 people have signed" (which is the same as last winter – so there has not been a grass roots effort at all). We’ll keep linking to articles so you can follow the fun. article If you can read and understand this article in the Journal of Proteome Research (The Proteome Content of Your Beer Mug) we really really want you to blog on IndianaBeer.com. Sentence chosen at random: "Protonated phthlates [dibutylphthlate (plasticizer), m/z 279.159086; bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, m/z 391.284286] and polydimethylcyclosiloxane ions [(Si(CH3)2O)6 + H]+; m/z 445.120025] were used for real time internal mass calibration." We’re told 6 new breweries are upcoming in St. Louis. Sam Adams will release an Oak Aged Double Red and a Wee Heavy real soon now. In fact the Wee Heavy is out in a few areas. Rodenbach Vintage 2008 should hit the shelves in 750ml bottles in November. Rick Lyke is planning a 10-day Belgian trip for 14 people in September, 2011. To be one of them, see Realbeer.com Remember Malt Liquor? Here’s the history.

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