Misc News

From Great Fermentations comes this blatant ad: BB Logo Just  in time for the warm weather Brewer’s Best has released its Summer seasonal. This crisp and refreshing Summer Ale is pale in color and a small addition of wheat malt contributes to its slight haze. Pleasant citrus notes come from the bitter orange and lemon peel combined with two additions of cascade hops. This beer finishes clean with lingering flavors of citrus and spice. Perfect for a hot Summer day! We have added some exciting new flavor extracts to favor your beers. Now in stock: watermelon, chocolate and ginger. These new 4 oz. bottles are now formulated for 5 gallons so there is no more measuring. After about a 2 year absence we are pleased to announce the return of Northern Brewer hop pellets. They should be in the shop sometime later this week. Lastly, we are pretty excited to be able to get 2 new German malts. From Briess comes Munich liquid malt extractfor all of those malty Fest-style beers and from GlobalMalt comes Kolsch grain. The latter comes from the only malt house in all of Cologne. Both of these new malts are in stock. 139x_Uncle Sam (old news) Muncie native Tonya Cornett had a high honor last month when she was picked to be one of 6 guest brewers for J D Wetherspoon‘s International Real Ale Festival. There are Interviews with the 6 brewers including Tonya available in pdf. She’s doing an enchore performance to brew Independence Ale at Shepherd Neame but don’t worry, she’ll be back at Bend Brewing in Oregon (sadly where we can’t get her beers). Speaking of Rad Red, A bit of Mad River Double Dred Red will be finding its way to Indiana around the end of the month. That will hopefully be followed by Mad Belgian Golden Ale.