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Microbrewery planned for Valparaiso. Tom Uban plans to open Figure Eight Brewing in October with a 7-bbl system. Tues, July 28. 11am-noon. The Indiana State Library says "Historical significance can be found in unusual places. Learn how the names of some of Indiana’s microbrews and breweries are tied to Indiana’s past. Presented by Brent Abercrombie, Manuscripts & Rare Books Librarian." After all the talk of an Indiana excise tax raise it’s Illinois that ratchets up beer taxes 25%. But booze and wine taxes are going up 90%. article. So what IS the difference between porter and stout? Sierra Nevada’s Estate Ale (out soon) is made with only barley and hops grown on the brewery grounds in Chico. Sam Smith’s barrel-aged vintage-dated bottle-conditioned Yorkshire Stingo Strong Ale is coming. Gordon Brown Scotch. Sean Connery’s blend. Whyte & Mackay creates celeb whisky blends. Please tell us you are joking about the Gordon Ramsay blend. What does ego taste like? He’Brew’s 13th Jewbelation has 13 malts, 13 hops, and 13% ABV.

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