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Roger Baylor doesn’t have specific dates yet for some July/August specials at Rich O’s.

  • On or about July 6 – Three real ciders on the handpull – Yarlington Mill, Scrumpy and Norman (single varietal).
  • Sometime in July – Brooklyn Brewery and Magic Hat nights.
  • On or about Aug 1 – Lambic by the Glass. Some Cantillon by the keg. More Drie Fonteinen.
  • On or about Aug 28 – Sandkerwa. All beer Bambug plus Franconian drafts from smaller breweries.

About 800 people at the Brew-Ha-Ha. Hot and no breeze but enough shade. Bands were OK. Omar always gets the spot in front of the speakers. Cavalier had a much bigger presence than World Class. 0906-ChickenScratchingsBest of the Fest: New Albanian served a Port barrel aged version of Beak’s Best Bitter. Sweet grapes replace the bitter finish. Unexpected and very good. New Albanian came with kegs, people, tent, handouts, etc. John Campbell is certainly making a difference – 2 years ago NA dropped off a couple of kegs but didn’t have anyone to pour or promote. Worst of the Fest: Are there any handwriting experts out there that can help with my last important note from the Brew-Ha-Ha? Sun King tells us they plan to brew their first batch Tuesday. To break in the brewery the right way the first batch will be a Barley Wine named Johann – an homage to John Handley, the Ram’s first head brewer. Johann will use Maris Otter, Golden Promise, and a slurry of 10 different ale yeasts. Look for it at a party in January at the earliest. A quick tutorial on having a beer tasting party. The New York Times looks at Chicago’s New Wave of Microbrews. Works of art: Lei Xue’s Porzellan, handbemalt. 0906-ABlineupYour AB lineup for 2009

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  1. Thanks for the mention on my beer tasting party. I had a blast, and so did the guests. One thing I love about this beer party (unlike some wine drinkers) is that we didn't spit anything out. I'm actually starting to try tasting parties out here in CA. Let's see if they are as fun as my fellow Hoosiers. Thanks again.

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