Misc. – North West Indiana

Every beer lover would envy a trip to a mecca, Three Floyds Brewery in Munster, IN. We were lucky enough to enjoy great beer plus meet the senior Floyd on a recent trip. Imagine a spot in an industrial park that is packed on a Friday night, serves great food, and most of us go for some over-the-top often only available there beer.

Got to try the de Muerte, or death, barrel aged chili pepper beer with roasted malt and lingering spice burn from the chiles. Looking for beers we can’t get everywhere tried the Pride and Joy, a 5% smooth American mild that was delicious. How many places can you go that has their own great beers on tap plus Rochefort 10 & 8 in bottles!

Michael Floyd, elder of the three, physician, and great guy told us a cute story. Son Nick was looking for a brewery location. Nick found one and called his M.D. dad who was pumping gas at the time and also talking on the phone to a nurse. The nurse was describing a medical situation and making a procedural recommendation while Nick was on another line talking about the brewing location. Michael answered to the nurse, “yes, we should do that,” Nick heard the words, and it seems the brewery was born! Whether we heard the story exactly right or not, it is clear the Floyds have great spirit to go with their super beer.

When making the trip stop at Crown Point to visit the Crown Point Brewery! Award winning Brewer Steve Mazylewski brews a very tasty malty brown and, while appealing to the “light” crowd, brews a Crown Light in a German Helles style — so very crisp, clean, but with flavor. His IPA at 6.7% ABV dry-hopped for flavor is unfiltered and a beer-geek’s delight! Only 17 miles from 3-Floyds and just 3 minutes from I-65 from the Crown Point exit (go into town and look left for the old smoke stack) this brewery is a must visit.

Thanks to Crown for hosting the Pro-Am Crown challenge beer competition that was a delight … go here for winners http://crownbrewing.com/CrownChallenge.html