NHC 2012 – Indiana Winners!

Greetings from Seattle! Forgive my possibly drunken typing, but there were a number of Indiana winners in the final round of the National Homebrew Competition to pass along. I’ll have much more on the conference next week after I get back home and sober up. You can find the full results here. Bill Staashelm – Indianapolis – Silver medal in Light Hybrid Beers out of 303 entries. Rob Meinzer – Zionsville – Bronze medal in English Pale Ales out of 265 entries. Michael Pearson/Bill Ballinger – Indianapolis – Silver medal in English Brown Ales out of 198 entries. Robert Heinlein – Crown Point – Silver medal in India Pale Ale out of 553 entries. Kevin Pritchard & Matthew Oakely – Indianapolis – Silver medal in Strong Ale out of 279 entries. Tom Wallbank – Zionsville – Bronze medal in Strong Ale out of 279 entries. So yeah, kind of in an altered state of mind at the moment, so please forgive any errors. But congrats to the Indiana winners – this is a huge accomplishment for all of them! Cheers, Nathan

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