Ram Restaurant & Brewery – Fishers – January 18

On a recent stop at the Ram Restaurant & Brewery located in Fishers, IN (http://www.theram.com/), they had their usual beer offering plus two seasonals:  Aries American Wheat with an ABV of 5.5% and 27 IBUs and the Deep Mystic IPA with an ABV of 6.4% and 80 IBUs.  I was given the following beer descriptions from Dan Bennett, General Leader.  Dan went above and beyond rolling out the red carpet when I stated that I am a blogger with this website.  We discussed craft beer and the beers at this location.  He then presented me with the beer descriptions for the above-mentioned beers.  The Aries American Wheat “begins with wheat flavor and the resulting creamy mouthfeel which is quickly followed by lemon citrus hop character and a crisp, dry finish”.  The Deep Mystic IPA description reads as follows “This Black IPA begins with chocolate and roast malt character that coincides with the citrus dry-hop flavor from large doses of Cascade and Columbus hop varieties”.  These are both tasty beers and after tasting both beers and writing my beer notes for both beers, my personal favorite is the Deep Mystic IPA hands down.  The aromas and flavors of this beer came together very, very well and very worthy of trying if it is still available.  I was surprised that I liked the IPA more than the Wheat beer as I am not a “hophead” by any means and I very much enjoy drinking Wheat beers.  If you are in the Fishers area, this Ram location is worth stopping at to see what is new on tap.  Oh yes, their food is worth trying too!  Cheers!

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  1. Well…that could be because Ram/Rock Bottom/etc don't "hop" their beers like they should. Everything is made with the mass-consumer in mind. BTW, so did you really feel a need to "note" that as soon as he found out you were a blogger, he decided to fill you in on the info of each beer???? To me, this discredits both your post and Ram…if they won't take the time to indulge each and every patron with the info regarding the beers, than they hold no credibility.

  2. He did not decide. I ASKED him if there were specifics for those two beers so I could report them to our readers and he provided me with the info. My post DOES NOT say that he "decided" to give me info. Carry on. Cheers!

  3. I too am a big fan of the Deep Mystic IPA. The flavors are amazing! I ha a chance to try this a couple of weeks back and enjoyed it just as much as you did. Thanks for posting this and giving the Deep Mystic its due! 🙂

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