Random musings

Twenty Tap (Indy) makes a list of 40 Best Beer Bars in America. article Exit 6 brewpub in St. Louis gets a cease & desist from Starbucks for naming their beer frappucino. Will stop using the F word. Sent their 6 buck profits to *bucks. Excellent sarcasm alert. article Beer used to put out truck fire. Hero = Coors. article Do ya need a wall-sized US map of breweries? Well, do ya, punk? No, really. It’s quite up to date. info What? Dry alcohol? “Beer is typically about 95% water, which makes it heavy, cumbersome, and expensive to transport. But with our innovative and modern brewing process (patent pending) we can create a nearly waterless  concentrate that contains all the great flavor, alcohol, and aroma of a premium quality micro brew.” you guess ‘em International: German brewers fined 106 million euro for price fixing. A-B turns state’s evidence. sad article New German hops. article  16,000 bottles of prototype BrewDog have been stolen from warehouse in England. Moshi Moshi 15, Interstellar, Hobo Pop. article New beer in Iceland contains “whale meal”. Raises ire. Not to mention gag reflex. article Bloggy stuff: A hotel in PA is decorated with 83,000 beer cans. Pictures How to Sneak Beer into Sporting Events. Sandals to iFlasks Man Tried to Trade Live Alligator for Beer. Yep, it’s Florida Beer Can Cars. Okay, make the Beer Can Model Cars. pictures BigBurger Beer BloodyMary LabatsUSA 
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