Redemption Alewerks

I feel like I am slacking when it comes to trying new breweries. I have been trying to get better and get out there but really there are so many beers and so little time. (Please, dear reader, work on a time machine so we can all drink lots of great beer)

To Redemption Alewerks —
Thanks to one of those awesome deal makers, ie: Groupon,  we grabbed an awesome deal – 4 flights of 6 – 5oz beers, 2 starters and 4 entrees. Perfect amount of food and beer and a great way to spend a Sunday early evening.

Located up on 96th St, where the only Blue Grille use to bed, It is a mixture of modern art and comfortable home decor. I love that they have different game nights, trivia and live music. They have relaxing areas, and typical dining room area. The fermenter area isn’t producing just yet but there is a small selection of house beers mixed in with local and national favorites.

As I said earlier, a flight at Redemption is 6 – 5oz pours, so be careful! I chose a mix of beers I haven’t had – some of them local, some not and one house beer.  Below was my order:

  • Dark Horse Raspberry Ale
  • Outliers Blau Machen Pils
  • Redemption Salvation Wheat
  • Shipyard Melonhead
  • Vander Mill Ginger Peach
  • Brugge Madeline La Framboise

Starting from top to bottom, I wasn’t pleased with the Dark Horse Raspberry Ale. Not nearly enough fruit to call it a raspberry ale in my opinion. Then again, I’m a huge fan of Founder’s Rubeaus and THAT is a raspberry ale.  The Outliers Brewing Co., pils (Which btw is  an Indianapolis local, if you didn’t know ) was actually really solid. I like it’s clarity, I like the crispiness and I was surprised because previously I haven’t liked a single thing produced but Outliers which is kind of funny since I love Brugge ( I guess close by no cigar  – different brewers and all)

In the middle – the house beer. There were a few others to choose from that day I just wasn’t up to a pale ale or an IPA.  This wheat was enhanced with orange blossoms which I got in the nose, and very very lightly tasted it on my tongue. It was nice and light for a late spring day, but I think it needs to app up the citrus just a tad.

Moving on  – I am hit or miss on watermelon wheats. I had a great on last summer, I’ve tried Black Acre’s before and it tasted like a Jolly Rancher, this one from Shipyard was a sickly sweet watermelon flavor. I was not enjoying it at all.

Down to the last two – I have looked up Vander Mill before since I have some friends up in Michigan.  I’m not even a peach fan, but this was  a nice dry blend with that zingy ginger up front followed by a mellow peach flavor. I highly recommend it.
Lastly, the Brugge beer was nice. I, of course, am a bit bias when it comes to Brugge because I rarely dislike anything they make, food or drink wise and my favorite beer is their Harvey.  This one was a kind of rich and thicker that most of the other beers I drank on Sunday but it was a nice cap to the flight.

These were just 6 of at least 20 different beers that Redemption Alewerks had on tap. They seem to do a good job rotating them out. I love their electronic tap wall, with what they have just tapped, descriptions, abv rating, what is on board for their next beer, tweets and untapped messages also pop up there.

I’m also a fan of the beer cap flowers decor.  

My recommendation? Give Redemption Alewerks a shot. Their house beers are coming along, they offer plenty other beers and the food is really good too.