Rein-Beer Games : Christmas Ales

Don’t worry, red nose or not you can still play in rein-beer games. 

Last night, I went to the tapping of  Mount Crumpet Christmas Ale at Thr3e Wisemen Brewery.  I will have to say it was surprisingly quieter than I expected, but still a good crowd. The served free samples of food and 8oz pours of the freshly tapped brew.  By the way.. even if you are not able to get up to the bar they can bring you samples to your table. 
Mount Crumpet Christmas Ale

The first thing to hit you while drinking the ale
 is a vanilla smoothness followed by a nice layer of spices. 
It’s not over powerful at all in either notes, 
but it was a very well blended merry brew
I was very tempted to get a growler to bring up home
 but did not bring any! 
(there should be a rule — always keep a empty growler in your trunk!)
Now.. just like I did with pumpkin ales, I’ve started keeping track and comparing Christmas ales.  I had the pleasure of trying Bell’s Christmas Ale at Triton along with Triton’s Christmasy inspired brown: Gingerbread Brown.  This past Monday night, at Whole Foods in Nora,  I found some Schlafly Christmas Ale. 
I shall continue on playing my rein-beer games when I can come across my Christmas Ales, but considering I still have some pumpkin ales hiding in my fridge, I may have to scale back stocking up on the Christmas styled beer or at least try to. 
But..  if any reader has a good suggestion, as always let me know!
Before leaving — See Rein-Beer stands — below (I think they are cute) 
picture shared by @CavalierBeerIN. Rein – Beer stands made
by @KentuckyAle barrels for Kentucky Bourbon Barrel displays!

– Kathleen