Sun King 7th Anniversary Party

13501848_10154236643393389_2081103195529216603_nMy first foray into craft beer was a Sun King Brewing Co. – Sunlight Cream Ale.  I was at Napolese having pizza and looking at the offerings I thought it sounded interesting and simple.  At this time of my life, I thought Budweiser Select on draft was awesome, I was more of a wine drinker than a beer drinker but I was trying to get more experimental in my tastes.  Sunlight was a perfect starter to jumping into trying craft beer. To this day, I still tell people to start with Sunlight.

That was about 5 1/2 years ago.

Since then, craft beer has blown up in Indianapolis. There are breweries withing walking distance of each other downtown, there are whole festivals that can be filled with just Indianapolis and surrounding city breweries.  There are crazy styles, or basic house beers. Belgian influenced, hopped up, German basics, and more and Sun King still is here. Not only surviving.. but Thriving.

Sun King has been a big influence on the growth of Indianapolis’ craft beer explosion.

As a twist of fate, I was actually drawn in to help at the party via MOKB Presents. Starting at 4pm and going until 10pm in the parking lots of the brewery on Ohio and College, the party was a big success. Featuring their house beers, plus some special tappings along with their famous release of GFJ – Grapefruit Jungle IPA.  There were some of the top food trucks on hand for meals, along with a big stage and some great bands helping entertain guests.  At least 1,000+ people came out to  congratulate Sun King. All in all, it was so awesome how many people have evolved into loving craft beer.

I myself snagged a can of GFJ, and if you have been a follower of IB back in the day, I used to not be an IPA fan, but I have moved into the hop world and GFJ is famous for a reason, it is really solid and really good. Perfect for that hot Saturday at the party.

If y’all were out at the party, hope you had fun. If not.. hope you were still partaking in some fresh local beer.

Congrats Sun King!

  • Kathleen

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