Sun King Expands to Florida!

Sun King founder, Clay Robinson, confirmed to that there is new Sun King distribution in the works and the first major announcement is Sun King will be distributed to Florida.  Sun King has become well known among brewers, particularly through sharing at the industry conferences such as the Craft Brewer’s conference.  They have championed canning beer for flavor and freshness.   Although there is a bit of sharing back and forth between brewers, we’ve heard other brewers in other states say they wish they could get some of Sun King’s regular and particularly some of the specialty beers.  Now some will be able to easily, not just by sharing.

Cavalier Distributing of Ohio, Indiana, and Florida will distribute canned and draft beers including SKB IPA, Pachanga Mexican-style lager, and the long standing Osiris Pale Ale.  Specialty beers such as the currently available GFJ IPA and one of our favorites The Velvet Fog, a 2012 World Beer Cup gold medal winning Belgian dark strong beer.

Sun King’s VP of Sales, Joe Burns,  is no stranger to Florida distribution as an I.U. grad who eventually merged to the Sunshine state to work for a beer distributor  and then Cigar City Brewing of Tampa. Sun King’s Robinson revealed that their breweries’ beer have had overwhelming response at a Florida beer event, including the Tampa Bay Beer Week.

Although exact distribution plans have not been announced we expect various roll-out events starting in July.  Sun King’s distribution partner,Cavalier Distributing,  has been around as one of the nations exclusive craft and specialty import beer distributors since 1992 and and has a headquarters in Lakeland, Florida, near the center of the state.    Sun King has been a strong community supporter since inception in 2009 and even before.  The Sun King Ninth Anniversary party is coming up on Saturday, June 16 – read our story here.

I will be looking for Sun King beer in my local ABC Liquor store when I get to Florida again!


Cheers, Greg Kitz