Thanksgiving at Thr3e Wise Men Brewery

I didn’t actually plan on going to Thr3e Wise Men for dinner. I was sitting at my computer following tweets and saw that they were open 4-9 on Thanksgiving and from there a decision about satisfying a sweet tooth and dinner plans were decided.

Rolling up to the Broadripple brewery a little after 7, the streets quiet and the only lights on seemed to be coming only from the brewery and the McDonald’s across the street.  Usually this place is packed, but besides the few customers up at the bar checking out the game, the rest of the restaurant was blissfully empty and quiet.

The last time I had visited Thr3e Wise Men was back in the summer, so ordered a 3-3oz sampler to try out their new Hoggy Style brew along with revisiting two other house beers, Two Lucy’s Blackberry Wheat and Centennial Martyr Double IPA.

1, 2, 3 beers for me!
Along with the sampler set,  there were pickle chips (a must order item anytime I visit Thr3e Wise Men or Scotty’s Brewhouse), a salad and for dinner I had the mo’fo mustard wings. 

And drum roll please:  The Beer Line-up: 

House Beer – Centennial Marty Double IPA

First up on the list: 

Centennial Martyr Double IPA (IBU – 92 // 8% ABV)

Either my taste buds have become more adaptable or the bitterness level doesn’t not translate into a bitter taste in this beer, but I really enjoyed this Double IPA. It was very light, a great starter beer with a crispness after taste in the finish and as pictured is a lovely amber color. 

Seasonal Brew  – Hoggy Style Amber Ale
Going down the line:
Hoggy Style Amber Ale (IBU – 28 // 6% ABV)
(first off, I thought it said Hoppy Style, which after the first sip my taste buds where telling me it can’t be a Hoppy style, it is so malty) This sample I had with the mo’fo mustard wings. The spiciness of the sauce combined with the delicate maltiness was over a superb combination.  
House Beer – Two Lucy’s Blackberry Wheat
Last by not least:
                                          Two Lucy’s Blackberry Wheat (IBU 16 // 4.5% ABV)
Even though I ordered the carrot cake (had to save it for home, but it did hit the previously mention sweet tooth) Two Lucy’s was my “dessert”.  Although not overpoweringly sweet, once rolled on my tongue there was just a touch of the blackberry.  A nice mild brew. 
Overall, great food and great beer as usual. If you are thinking of doing a peaceful and quiet Thanksgiving next year, I completely suggest popping over to Thr3e Wise Men, or even anytime you are in the mood for great pizza, beer, wings, appetizers and more stop on by.  
On a beer highlight: Thr3e Wise Men usually has about 1-2 tapping parties a month or so.  Where you can get an 8 oz sample of the new release. 
 Look for pending times and styles in the near future announced via Twitter at @thr3ewismen or via @indianabeerblog also follow Thr3e Wise Men on Facebook and there is information located on as well. Such as the following tappings:
Tuesday 11/29 — Hubbard and Craven Porter (I have had this – it is a well blended, smooth coffee porter) 
Tuesday 12/13 — Mount Crumpet Christmas Ale 
Saturday 12/31 — King Solomon’s Imperial Stout
I hope everyone had a great holiday!
Cheers, Kathleen
– Kathleen –
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Addtional Views from Thr3e Wise Men

Growler / Table Decor
Shiny Tanks! – Th3e Wise Men