The Bloomington Beer Fest, first impressions

Function lines

Wow. What a beautiful day and great festival!   This seems like a perfect place to sample beer, a blend of history, open air, shade, and a slight bit of exercise getting up some gentle slopes.    We’ll have more coverage soon.  But here is a take on some of the beers! Thanks to our contributors (especially Leesalou) for the first report!

Function Brewing, Bloomington, really delivered with their 21 beers.  The Codex Stout with cayenne, vanilla, cinnamon, and cacao nibs at 6.7% abv was certainly a treat. This complex beer delivered a wallop of flavor with the cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate creating nearly a Mayan treat and the cayenne sneaking up at the end deep in the throat with a gentle tingle and light burn sensation.  We’ll have more on their selection in future posts.

Some of the other  home teams from B’town brought it on!  Bloomington Brewing had their usual and the B’Town Citra Pale with melon and grapefruit flavor.

The Tap Brewery of Bloomington’s Arcane Wanderer gruit is one unusual beer with no hops but malted barley, wheat, oats,  local wildflower honey plus local baby ginger, rosemary, and chamomile.

Grand Junction Headed Home

New Albanian’s Bonfire of the Valkeries delivers that wonderful smoke over a delightful black lager at a big 8% abv.

All good things must come to an end.  But we’ll have many more comments on delicious beers.  We caught the Grand Junction truck, from Westfield, on their way home. Their Weezies hoppy wheat is one we’ve not had from them before.  The level of citrus hops and wheat beer base seemed just right.
Look for more soon!