The Granddaddy of All Indiana Beer Fests – Rocks it Again with Beautiful Weather

The most Indiana and guest breweries with fresh local and special beers on a beautiful, sunny day of 78 degrees (F) and a fabulous setting happens THIS Saturday and a limited number of tickets are still available!    What can be better than a super selection of beers from at least 77 of our Indiana brewers plus others

Early Birds (2-3 pm) don’t just get a ‘head start’ they get exclusive samples that won’t be available later.   For example our brewer friends Chris Knott and Josh Miller of Flix Brewhouse, Carmel, will offer the delicious Carmel-ite, Belgian style tripel aged 14 months in a bourbon barrel with sage and lemon peel. I will have trouble NOT sampling this one, again, as I’ve loved it in the past!  Flat 12 will give the 2:00 crowd a comparison with a barrel aged tripel.  Blind Owl will feature a Belgian Golden strong beer giving us at least 3 beers at 10%+!  If you love hops, FourDay Ray of Fishers offers mango habenero IPA, Mad Anthony of Fort Wayne brings a double IPA with Mosaic hops, Noble Order of Richmond and Zionsville will have an American IPA with ElDorado, Mosaic, and Galaxy hops — a tropical fruit bomb they claim — while Planetary Brewing of Greenwood gives you a rye IPA for which they claim banana notes!  If darker stouts are your thing you can sample a bbl aged imperial stout from Shoreline of Michigan City, a bbl aged imperial with coconut, vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon from veteran Jerry Sutherlin at Round Town Indianapolis or yet another imperial stout from Peoples of Lafayette from their 100th batch re-release.  Choices, choices!  with most 10%+.  If this makes your mouth water, early bird tickets are still available as this is written so try to nab yours by CLICKING HERE! 

General Admission enters at 3:00 with last call at about 6:45 pm so lots of time to try hundreds of beers!   Here are a few beers I have on my radar either  because I’ve had them and loved them or I need to try: (and I may edit in more as the list of available beers increases)

Byway Brewing of Hammond brings a beer that just won them another award (Indiana Brewers Cup) and which I just sampled 2 weeks ago at their brewery:   V for Vienna (yep) Vienna lager, a first place win, is bready and malty at 5.25%. Among their other samples will be Orange is the New Wheat (why do I like that name?) as (yep) an orange wheat ale. These folks love the obvious in names!  For early birds Byway brings a pomegranate-margarita gose!  Easier to drink than spell!  Byway was Indiana’s Brewery of the year in 2016.

Daredevil Brewing of Speedway also offers a first place award winning Pils (Indiana Brewers Cup), a 3rd place (IBC) Muse Belgian Golden (We know where my wife will hang out!), award winning Dunkel (IBC), plus others including the Smoked Porter that I had to get a crowler (you know, beer in the 32 oz filled-while-you-watch can) to take home last time I stopped there!  Daredevil is Indiana’s Brewery of the Year 2017!

Black Acre of Indianapolis (Irvington) entices with Cherry OId Fritz Berliner Weisse (4.5%) which I love!

Chilly Water of Indianapolis (Fountain Square) brings 2 recent IBC winners:   Blood on the Tracks Blood Orange IPA and Built to Last German Pilsner + 2 more.

Crown Brewing of Crown Point brings the first place winner (IBC) Squatch Barrel Aged Barleywine, and a few more including Flamme Rouge Raspberry Wheat.

Flix Brewhouse Carmel will have several I love including Strawberry Mario Gose and Omerta Baltic Porter – another IBC winner!

Four Day Ray of Fishers samples  the recent award-winning brown ale Identity Crisis  (yum) and  brings the Identity Crisis Coffee blond which we learned to like at Jeep Night a few weeks ago!

Function Brewing, Bloomington, always offers crazy beers and we sampled several today:  Deciles Lemon Tea blond, and cross between lemon tea and ale (duh!).   The interest Pepper Ale has 3 different peppers, is plenty spicy with a slight burn finish and will be in the cask tent.  There is also a gin-inspired pale, so use your imagination.

Kopacetic Beer Factory of Monticello has a brewer who cut is experienced from 3 different epic Indiana breweries and I am excited to finally try his beer (way to go Sean) especially the Smoke That Cherry Smoked Amber (only 4.5%) and the Relgian Rancher Belgian Pale Ale.

Scarlet Lane Brewing McCordsville has the rare Dorian Stout with Coconut, the Dorian Stout with Tinker Espresson and Eirik Bloodaxe braggot IPA.  I love these beers!

Schnitz Brewery of Jasper captures a 1st place that  Indiana Brewers Cup (good job, Wayne) for the Schnitz Blonde, validating my respect for these beers.

Shoreline Brewery of Michigan City will have the Real Ale Kolsch with Cherries in the cask tent – sounds intriguing to me!

The Tap Brewery of Bloomington samples a bourbon barrel ages Old Wooden Head barleywine lite beer (totally kidding!)  so I have to get that on the list.

Triton Brewing of Indianapolis (Fort Harrison) brings the line of goses we were drinking with veteran brewer John a few months ago that were so, so delicious:  Barn Phantom gose, Barn Phantom with mango gose, BF with blueberry and BF Gose Variant at 10% — don’t ask, just try it!

Two Deep of Indianapolis will have first place BIG winner Dead Rabbits Irish Extra Stout with several more including the award winning 19 Days maibock.

ZwanzigZ  from Columbus always has the beer that has been featured on this site for years now, the Ghost Pepper Imperial Stout.


There are TOO MANY to name but that is my ‘short list’ of beers to look forward to Saturday, either at 2, or 3, at Military Park Indy


Where:  Indianapolis Military Park Downtown

When:  Saturday, July 29

Start: 3:00 general, 2:00 Early

Cost:  $40 general, $60 Early Bird, $10 DD if you don’t drink!

How:  Tickets available online NOW HERE

Getting Around:  Event Map CLICK HERE