Three Pints Brewing

3p-logo Just a  5-wood from the Black Swan Brewpub on Ind 267 just north of I70. These two will be continually lumped together as a unit since they have increased the number of good beer bars in Plainfield by to 2. Right now neither are brewing or even have vessels but the plans are there. They are both serving Indiana beers and they both are rapidly being accepted and building a local patronage. ThreePintsBuilding 5020 Cambridge Way, Plainfield 317-839-1000 Hours:
Sun: 11am-11pm
Monday: closed
Tues, Wed, Thurs: 4-11pm
Fri: 4pm – 12:30am
Sat: 11am – 12:30am Food:
Appetizers: $7-12
Soups: $4-7
Salads: $8-9
Dinners: $10 (Jambalaya) – $25 (Filet Mignon)
Sandwiches: $7 (Pulled pork) – $9 (Pot Roast)
Desserts: $6 Beer: 6 taps. All Indiana. All $5 for 20oz pint. Bottles are "domestic" to put it mildly, at $3. Current tap list is Sun King Sunlight Cream, Osiris Pale, and Wee Mac Scottish; Oaken Berrel Razz-Wheat; and Upland Preservation Pilsner and Dragonfly IPA. Three Pints has two faces, a quiet family dining room on one side and a busy, noisy, bar with lots of conversation, standing areas, and plenty of TVs. In the middle is a adequately-sized room set off for the future brewery, windows covered right now.