Time for Twenty Tap

Twenty Tap sits quietly next to Sam’s Gyros around the corner of 54th and College. It has a very notable neighbors such as the Jazz Kitchen, Yats, Moe and Johnny’s and Fresh Market across the street.  
I have been wanting to visit for sometime, but every time I drove by the place was full. This past Monday, I got lucky and after the rainstorm passed, I got my chance to try Twenty Tap for the first time. 
The atmosphere is very cozy and comfortable with Indiana local brewery art on the walls, a down to earth menu and a chalkboard with the current taps available and bottles.   I was instantly drawn to Brugge Brasserie’s Harvey. This beer fulfilled my summer. If I was to say I fell in love with beer, I fell in love with Harvey in the Summer of 2011. (I know, it’s getting a bit over dramatic) 
So of course, I ordered the 10oz Harvey, my companion had the Tyranena Rocky’s Revenge Bourbon Brown, at my suggestion 🙂 

We ordered the house fries with chipotle aioli and roasted garlic aioli for an appetizer and each had a burger for our meal.  Mine was The Tex, a bacon, provolone, red onion, BBQ burger.  I had more house fries on the side with a small dish of the house pickles. The house pickles are literally made in house and come with little sprigs of dill, also  they are cold, my favorite preference.
Besides the beer, of which I had two glasses, (again, love Harvey!) the house fries and chipotle aioli had me sold and I shall return to try more. 
For those who want to venture over and try Twenty Tap — 
Some side-notes to keep in mind that are handy:
  • Twenty Tap has a nice long bar side with the taps curving around a wall along with a restaurant style side filled with booths and tables
  • They offer beer in pints, half pints, and have flights of 3 sampler sizes for those not knowing what to order, the half pints or the sampler flight would be a good start
  • From what I overheard, the staff knows the beer styles and can help give you descriptions if you are unsure what a certain style will taste like. They also offered a table next to us a small taste before pouring them a pint. 
I look forward to returning soon and I wish Kevin, the owner, good luck.

Readers, if you are in the area , stop in for a pint.