Todays stuff is about New Albany and Pittsburgh

The New Albany Bicentennial Public Art Project is going to concentrate on the history of the area in 2010. A plaque is planned to go on the Bank Street Brewhouse. Do you think seasonal beers are a new concept?

"Mr. Paul Reising, West End brewer, will issue his second edition of "Bock Beer" tomorrow. His customers will be supplied with the beverage in a prompt manner, as Mr. Reising is a prompt and reliable business man. Some people drink sassafras tea in the spring of the year; others use sage catnip and such, and others sassaparilla. That is their privilege. Another class prefer Bock Beer and it is their privilege to do so. This is a free country. Drive on old Bock." – New Albany Ledger-Standard, April 29, 1881

Meet Angelo Cammarata, the world’s longest-serving bartender. With 77 years behind the taps, his family bar is being sold and, at 95, he is retiring. That’s Pittsburgh tough.